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Guess who this Home And Away cutie is! Do you recognize the star in this childhood throwback?

Sam Frost, is that you?!

On Thursday, the Home And Away star shared a childhood photo on Instagram, and it’s simply too cute.

A much younger version of Sam smiled in the photo she shared on Instagram Stories, dressed in a pink jumper, black slacks, and cute pink slippers.

This article is part of the Positivity Project, which is enabling Australian women to feel good, strong, and confident in their own skin in collaboration with Kelloggs.

Sam, who appears to be a toddler in the photo, is seen holding a vacuum as she appears to be doing some spring cleaning.

If only we looked so cute while cleaning the house!

After sharing some of her more recent home cleaning secrets, the Australian actress offered a nice throwback.

She shared a fresh installment of her #IsoDiary on Instagram Stories on Thursday, where she has been chronicling her stay in Sydney’s coronavirus lockdown.

Sam shared her unexpected cure for accidental spills by posting a video of her vacuuming her kitchen bench.

“While making my smoothie, I created a bit of a mess on the bench,” she captioned the video.

“Normally, I’d grab a rag and toss it on the floor to deal with later. But today I decided to skip the extra step and simply vacuum the bench.”

Honestly, her solution makes a lot of sense!

Small, hand-held vacuums are now available from a variety of manufacturers, and they’re ideal for cleaning up small messes like the one on Sam’s bench.

She didn’t have one of those, so she cleaned up with her full-sized cordless Dyson vacuum.

She followed up the video with her cute childhood throwback, along with the caption: “Tiny Sam knows what’s up.”

Sam’s famed iso-diary has been keeping followers updated on her time in lockdown, with daily postings to Instagram while she follows stay-at-home orders in Sydney.

She began the series amid the lockdowns that characterized most of Australia in 2020, bringing viewers along with her as she – like the rest of us – acclimated to life in lockdown.

Lockdowns are once again affecting cities in numerous Australian states, and Sam has resurrected the series, much to our joy.


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