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Home and Away actor shares most ‘important step’ while filming racy s.. scenes

The star of Home and Away, Matt Evans, has talked candidly about how difficult it is to act in sex scenes.

The actor has had a lot of challenging scenes to film because his character Theo Poulo has become popular with the women on the program. Fortunately, he has an intimacy coordinator available to assist him with any demands.

The actors on the Australian soap opera have the chance to speak with a professional, as is customary on many sets, who may assist them in setting boundaries and making sure they are comfortable with the impending situation.

As Matt’s character is now seeing Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson) and has previously dated Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett), intimate scenes are not unusual during his shifts. Matt’s character is undoubtedly confident.

He is thus in a good position to clarify that having a conversation with an intimacy coordinator is a “important step” for all parties concerned.

“They will basically get you into the room, and you talk about what you are comfortable with, what you’re not comfortable with, [and teach] the simple things, [like] asking permission before you touch each other,” he said in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle.

In addition, after they receive the script, the two performers can discuss it and possibly cut any scenes that they find uncomfortable.

According to Matt, “You’ll probably talk to your partner about it beforehand, ‘Hey, if there’s a kiss scripted here, we could do that,'” a lot of the time.

Alternatively, in unscripted situations, you might want to insert one for effect only; you can discuss this with each other. It undoubtedly makes things much simpler.”

Furthermore, upon receiving the script, the pair of actors involved have the opportunity to converse and potentially remove scenes they feel uncomfortable with.

Matt revealed: “A lot of the time, you’ll probably chat with your partner about it beforehand, [saying], ‘Hey, if there’s a kiss scripted here, we could do that’.

“Or sometimes, if it’s not scripted, you might want to put one in there just for effect, and you can talk to each other about that. It definitely makes it a lot easier.”


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