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Home and Away airs worrying new Chloe scenes in death aftermath

In sad new moments from Home and Away, Chloe Anderson risks alienating her pal Bella Nixon.

As she struggles to cope with the devastating murder of Ari Parata, Chloe has grown worryingly fascinated on Bella in a new plotline airing in Australia.

Chloe has devoted all of her attention to being close to Bella, despite the fact that she is still grieving the loss of her major father figure.

This has included attempting to sever Bella’s relationship with her lover, Nikau Parata. Nikau is seen by Chloe as a competitor for Bella’s attention, and she wants him out of the picture.

Chloe’s behavior began to have the reverse impact on Monday’s show on Channel 7, as she began to test Bella’s patience.

As Chloe insisted on spending every second with her, Bella got obviously angry. Bella couldn’t get a moment to herself while working on an essential photography assignment since Chloe kept trying to help her.

Chloe, who has been staying at the Astonis’ farmhouse with Bella, Dean, and Ziggy in recent days, has also refused to return home. She said that being around her struggling mother Mia was too much for her.

Chloe also confessed that, in order to keep “helping,” she’d taken the liberty of writing up a crucial part of Bella’s project for her.

Bella finally snapped back, telling Chloe to go home and give her some room.

Chloe returned to the Parata residence later, distraught, and poured her heart out in a new diary post.

She wrote: “Bella doesn’t want me around anymore. So I’m home and I hate it.

“I really thought Bella understood what I was going through, but I guess I was wrong.”

Bella will be confronted by Chloe later this week for prioritizing Nikau above her.

When Nikau’s Taiaha — which belonged to his late father – inexplicably disappears, Chloe is suspected.

In May, Home and Away fans in the United Kingdom will be able to witness these moments on Channel 5.


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