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Home and Away Bree and Remi split ‘confirmed’ as doctor spotted kissing new man

Home and Away’s Bree has been fighting to save boyfriend Remi’s life after he was involved in a car crash but the beloved couple appear to be heading for a breakup

On Home and Away, Bree and Remi’s romance is about to end abruptly.

Bree’s (Juliet Godwin) biggest nightmare was realized earlier in the week when Remi (Adam Rowland) arrived at the hospital in severe condition. Wes and Mickey, Remi’s brothers, believed he was dead and prepared to bury him after hitting him with their car.

However, they discovered Remi was still alive when they went to get his body. After talking Mickey out of being abducted, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) persuaded his heartless brother Wes to release Remi.

After dropping Remi off in the middle of nowhere, Mickey dialed 911. Bree was shocked to learn that her boyfriend will be her next patient back in the bay.

Bree was about to save Remi’s life on the operating table during Wednesday’s (March 6) episode of the Channel 5 soap series when Levi (Tristan Gorey) intervened.

The newcomer insisted that Remi have a thoracotomy right away. Bree refused, thinking it would be too risky. Levi ordered her to step aside so he could continue with the surgery.

Bree stays by Remi’s side in the hopes that he may come to. However, it appears like the couple may be about to face their greatest obstacle to date, as another one seems to be approaching quickly.

The doctor is set to find herself a new man in the coming months, confirming her split with Remi. Pictures from the set of Home and Away show Bree locking lips with the mystery character.

The name of Bree’s new love interest is yet to be revealed, however, he will be played by Mahesh Jadu. The Perth-born actor played Dr Dough Harris in Neighbours between 2010 and 2011, and starred as Ahmad in Netflix’s Marco Polo.

A fan of the soap snapped a photo of the pair kissing as they filmed scenes at Palm Beach, meaning viewers can expect Bree and Remi’s breakup in the coming months.

Although Mahesh’s arrival hasn’t been officially announced by the soap, he’s already followed by a number of his co-stars on social media, including Juliet, Stephanie and Felicity Newman star Jacqui Purvis.


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