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Home and Away brings back missing character in latest Australian episode

A fan favourite returns.

Home and Away has brought back Marilyn Chambers following her break from Summer Bay.

Marilyn, played by Emily Symons, has been missing from the show in recent weeks due to her role in a major plotline.

After acting out of character and snapping at her loved ones with some harsh statements, the fan favorite realized she needed some time apart.

Marilyn was in danger after the gas assault at Salt, but physicians eventually discovered that the sudden change in her personality was simply psychological.

Marilyn was back at the Stewart residence on Tuesday’s show on Channel 7 in Australia, catching up with Roo.

Marilyn had liked her time away with Raffy Morrison, a former foster child.

“It was so great to meet Raffy – and Brody’s baby is gorgeous,” she told Roo.

When asked about her personal mental status, Marilyn revealed: “I’m well. I’m in excellent health.”

Marilyn appeared to be back to her old self as she explained that she’d needed to “find some perspective” during her break.

She added: “Everything else fell into place.”

Now that Marilyn was back, she had a lot to catch up on, including the tragic news of Martha Stewart’s prolonged ill health and Ari Parata’s untimely death.

Marilyn also stated that she hoped to reclaim her position at the Diner.

Marilyn returned to her job as a customer service representative at the local business after an off-screen conversation with Irene Roberts.

While Marilyn has returned, Leah Patterson is currently absent from the show.

Following her journey to Cyprus, Leah took a detour to visit her brother Dimitri in the city, according to recent episodes.

Home and Away fans in the UK will see Marilyn’s return on April 27 on Channel 5.


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