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Home and Away confirms ending of Leah and Justin’s cult storyline

Rose tries to reassure the couple.

Next week on UK screens, Home and Away finally puts an end to the cult storyline of Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan.

After Vita Nova attacks them for the last time, the couple is given guarantees by the police.

Watchers have lately witnessed Justin battle for his life in a hospital following his kidnapping and captivity by the ominous doomsday preppers.

After regaining consciousness, Justin is on the path to recovery in the Channel 5 episodes airing next week. Sadly, the cult has infiltrated the hospital, so he’s still in danger.

When Cash Newman pays Justin a visit in the hospital, he notices with concern that there isn’t a police officer posted outside Justin’s room.

Since Cash was just suspended from his police work, he is unable to take any action and instead advises his colleague Rose Delaney to handle the matter.

Cash is right to be concerned since Jordan, a man posing as a hospital orderly, is actually receiving orders from the cult in secret.

Jordan calls Vita Nova in private to discuss with them when it’s time for him to move. But his preparations are derailed when at last a policeman shows up to watch Justin.

Unaware of the situation, Leah grows fond of Jordan and chooses to bring him cake when he’s in the hospital.

Bree Cameron is perplexed and says that there are no Jordan-related staff members at the hospital when Leah brings this up.

Concerned about the disparity, Leah and Rose dash to the hospital, where Jordan is already getting ready to murder Justin after his security guard temporarily steps aside.

When Leah and Rose arrive at the hospital, they find Justin wounded on the floor but are relieved to see that he’s alive after fighting Jordan off.

Jordan tries to make an escape from the building, but Rose catches him and puts him under arrest for attempted murder.

Rose gives Justin and Leah an update the following day and assures them that Vita Nova will finally be out of their hands.

Rose tells us that the cops put an end to the cult’s activities during the night and brought everyone to justice this time. Will it be hard for Justin and Leah to move on and genuinely move on, or can they finally rest easy?


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