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Home and Away confirms Martha and Roo’s transplant outcome in emotional scenes

How will the surgery go?

Martha and Roo Stewart’s transplant procedure was successful, as shown in poignant sequences from the television series Home and Away.

Since daughter Roo has volunteered to donate a kidney to her mother, Martha, who has been seriously ill for a number of months, viewers will be aware of this.

Family friend Marilyn in the sequences, which are brand-new to UK viewers, believes that Roo is concerned about losing control during the transplant situation. Roo admits that until everything is finished, she won’t be able to unwind.

Marilyn then says that she should exert her might on behalf of her parents rather than herself, which makes Roo smile.

Later, after an understandably anxious Alf has said farewell to Roo and Martha, they are carried off to surgery. He is left to wait while pacing in the waiting area, and Marilyn joins him to console him.

Thankfully, the transplant coordinator subsequently provides positive news, saying that Roo is out of surgery and doing well, at which point Alf reunites with her.

However, there’s still no word on Martha, before she is wheeled into the waiting room, much to the relief of everyone. Martha then says she feels triumphant.

Could hope finally be on the horizon for the Stewart family?


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