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Home and Away fans divided over baby plot as Felicity actions branded ‘unforgivable’

Tane told Felicity their marriage was over after discovering she was still taking birth control pills as Home and Away fans have been left divided over the complex storyline.

With Tane Parata and Felicity Newman’s marriage disintegrating, viewers of Home and Away are now sharply split.

For the pair, the past few years have been difficult. Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) called off their engagement after being involved in a car accident on their first wedding day.

Felicity was drugged, raped, and later blackmailed by her attacker after they reconciled and were married last year. She survived the horrific incident with Tane’s (Ethan Browne) assistance, and the couple eventually settled into a happy life.

Tane traveled to New Zealand last year to see his younger cousins. Tane returned after their time together with the intention of marrying Felicity and establishing a family.

Felicity agreed to try for a baby with Tane even though she wasn’t first sure about the idea because she understood how important it was to him. However, it was later discovered that Felicity was still using birth control pills and wasn’t at all ready.

Felicity was persuaded to tell her husband the truth by Mackenzie (Emily Weir), who had found the tablets at Salt earlier in the week. Tane discovered the drugs Felicity said she was no longer taking when she emptied her suitcase during Friday’s (January 19) episode of the Channel 5 soap opera.

Tane became furious and packed his bags, leaving their house while Felicity pleaded with Tane to pardon her. After the intense scenes, viewers aren’t sure whose side they support. Tane may have been self-centered in desiring a child, but Flick shouldn’t have lied, according to someone who strongly blamed Felicity. She deserves this.”

“Flick can’t stop lying to Tane,” a second person said. She lied even though he felt something wasn’t right. She’ll now place the blame on everyone but herself.” Someone else concurred, saying, “What she did this time is just disgusting. Another person said, “I know he’s far from perfect, but I agree with him that it is unforgivable.”However, some have attacked Tane for pressing Felicity to become a mother.

Geez Tane. Selfish. Your wife was in an accident that nearly killed her, a sexual assault and blackmail from the attacker and told you she never wanted children and asked you if she was enough for you,” one angry fan weighed in. “All you have been doing is pushing poor Flick until you got her to say yes. My husband and I both side with Flick. Poor love. She’s been through a lot.”

“Tane shouldn’t have married Flick if he wanted kids. She said from the start she didn’t want kids,” a second pointed out. Another viewer declared: “If a woman says not yet then that should be respected at all times, it is her body. If it is forced on you, you will grow to resent the child you are carrying and also the one who insisted.”


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