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Home and Away fans turn on character with the same complaint

Home and Away fans think Eden should spend less time focusing on her brother’s personal life and more time…. paying the bills.

Home and Away fans have once again poked fun at a plot hole in the series, questioning how some of the characters in Summer Bay manage to live their lives and afford their takeaway dinners, coffees, drinks, and pay their rent without any sort of obvious income.

In a dedicated Facebook page, fans of the show took umbrage towards Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo), with much of her storyline recently centring around her anger with her brother Levi (Tristan Gorey) after his affair with Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) was exposed.

“Isn’t it about time the writers found a job for Eden to do, instead of her interfering in other people’s affairs especially in Levi’s!” one disgruntled fan posted in the Home and Away fan group, with many people agreeing.

“Eden has a job…it’s miss polly poke nose she’s in everybody’s business,” someone joked in response. “How does she pay her rent?” someone else queried.

“Not just Eden, but Remi too they are the only two who don’t work,” another person pointed out. “I want to live in Summer Bay where you don’t need to pay bills!”

“[And] never cook meals, eat at the diner or live on pizza and wine lol,” someone else said about life in the seaside village.

‘How do they pay their bills?’

This isn’t the first time Home and Away fans have poked fun at the lives of those residing in the Bay. Earlier this year, fans were querying how the characters, particularly musician Eden and her boyfriend Cash, supported themselves after Cash was caught up in a police scandal that saw him leave his job as a cop.

“Three months without pay. And Eden barely does enough gigs. How do they pay their bills?” they commented.

“Cash had a lot of savings,” one person pointed out, reminding fans of Cash’s inheritance.”Who needs money in Summer Bay?” another person joked. “I need to go and live there!” someone commented in response.

“Roo will have to organise a fundraiser she loves doing that. It will give something to do too,” another fan joked.


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