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Home and Away: Heather’s vendetta against Marilyn turns criminal

”Why don’t you believe me?”

The truth about Heather has finally been revealed: she is Marilyn’s daughter. Yet, her twisted game of revenge continues this week, turning family into foes.

When viewers viewed Heather (Sofia Nolanbirth )’s certificate, which listed Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) as her mother, it became clear what Heather’s (Nolan’s) true intentions were in recent episodes of Home and Away.

However, as Marilyn gets closer to discovering her true identity and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) learns the truth about the daughter Heather gave up for adoption years earlier, Heather intensifies her plan.

At the Diner, Marilyn is hyper-sensitive after finally sharing her past. Now, she’s worried everyone will find out.

But when John (Shane Withington) receives a distressing call from his adopted son Jett, her thoughts shift to another family member (Will McDonald).

An adoptive child can never compare to a biological one, Marilyn texted, and he is concerned about her mental wellbeing.

Marilyn screams in response to her friends’ questions: she’d never do it! However, Roo (Georgie Parker), who was dubious about her companion, discovered more evidence at home when she discovered a critical evaluation of her tutoring service.

Under the scrutiny of her friends, Marilyn lashes out. (Image: Seven)

In the midst of an argument, Marilyn storms off and calls the police, but she is the main suspect!

Emily tells TV WEEK that the woman “has one of her odd thoughts about who this girl is and she is sceptical of her because of her behaviour around Roo.”

Marilyn snuck into Heather’s van and finds the birth certificate while she waits for the police to look into her claim.

“[Now she knows] Heather is the daughter she gave up at a very young age,” Emily says.

Unfortunately, her prying is witnessed by Heather who reports a break-in to police.

Caught in the act, how will Marilyn explain this one?


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