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Home and Away legend looks unrecognisable as she joins Married At First SightHome and Away legend looks unrecognisable as she joins Married At First Sight

One of the latest brides to enter the Married at First Sight Australia experiment has been rumbled as an ex-actress, which she’s so far failed to mention to her new husband

Some fans noted that one bride appeared strikingly familiar as the intruder couples made their debut on Tuesday, March 19, on the episode of Married at First Sight Australia.

One of the brides who arrived late was Madeleine Maxwell, 30, who wed Ash Galati, 33. Although Madeleine’s new husband was taken aback when she revealed herself as a psychic medium on the show, she is also an actress.

Under the name Madeleine Jevic, she starred in the 2020–2021 season of the Australian soap opera Home and Away. She has also appeared in episodes of The inBESTigators, Upper Middle Bogan, and Wentworth Prison.

Her acting past didn’t go unnoticed by viewers who were quick to head to social media with their discovery.

One wrote on X: “Strangely Ash’s match is called MADeleine MAXwell! She’s on IMDb as she’s been on a few Aussie soaps”.Another added: “So, we got rid of one fake-o/actor with Collins to replace him with another fake-o / actress with Madeleine #MAFSAU”.

A third wrote: “Madeleine is an actress… a not very good one but an actress nevertheless #MAFSAU”.

In 2020, Madeleine portrayed Amber Simmons, who had short red hair instead of long blonde locks. She came to Summer Bay to take up the role of caregiver for Shane Withington’s character, John Palmer.

But Amber had other plans, and she also traveled to the bay to see her former partner Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor), with whom she had a son named Jai Simmons.

When Amber showed up, Dean, who was at the time dating Sophie Dillman’s Ziggy Astoni, got into hot water.

On MAFS, Madeleine hasn’t mentioned her soap opera past so far to her husband, instead focusing on her gifts as a medium.

Upon meeting her new husband for the first time, Madeleine told Ash she “loved him”, and also described having “psychic downloads” in which she sensed “bad vibes” from Ash.

Madeleine went on to improvise her vows and said: “Well, I’m Madeline. I’m annoying. I am, I’m annoying because I love people deeply and I’m annoying because I’m super kind. When I love people deeply, I expect love in return so I hope that you can love me for who I am and my strange little weird quirks – I have a lot.”

Attending the wedding were couples already in the experiment, Jack Dunley and Tori Adams, Tristan Black and Cassandra Allen and Jonathan McCullough and Lauren Dunn – all of whom were taken back by Madeleine.


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