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Home and Away: Makenzie fears she will lose Salt while two mysterious Summer Bay arrivals shake Jasmine to her core

”It absolutely makes her feel like she is nearing to hitting rock bottom again.”

With her insurance claim denied and debt piling up, Makenzie is on the brink of losing everything this week. But instead of accepting help, she takes out her frustration on everyone – until Felicity presents a risky idea that could change her fortune….

This week on Home and Away, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) tells her brother Dean (Patrick O’Connor) about her terrible condition. Mackenzie has been footing the tab for repairs since the gas leak at Salt earlier this year in the hopes of being compensated.

Her insurance policy, unfortunately, does not cover the damage, and she cannot afford to pay out of herself. Her company is now in jeopardy.

Mackenzie (Emily Weir) explains her dire situation to brother Dean (Patrick O’Connor). (Image: Seven)

“It absolutely makes her feel like she is nearing to hitting rock bottom again,” Emily tells TV WEEK.

“The insurance money was supposed to cover the costs of the damages and losses caused by the chemical attack. She is behind on all payments without it, and she realizes she is in far more debt than she realized.”
Dean vows to assist her as much as he can, but the surfboard shop isn’t exactly thriving. He then does the unimaginable and seeks help from their estranged father, Rick. He not only refuses to assist, but he chastises Mackenzie for her irresponsibility!

‘Mackenzie and her father have a strained relationship. He is unsupportive, has a history of lying and cheating, and is generally uninterested in his children,’ Emily claims.

Mackenzie goes into damage control the next day and informs Felicity that she has been sacked! Felicity is taken aback; she didn’t do anything wrong! While Mackenzie refuses to accept her dismissal, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) discusses Mackenzie’s financial situation.

Her insurance policy doesn’t cover the damage caused and she can’t afford to be out of pocket. (Image: Seven)

To his surprise, Felicity smiles and muses at an idea forming in her mind…

Felicity approaches Mac the next day with a bold suggestion: an underground poker night. She’ll be able to pay off her debt in one night!

“It’s not in Mackenzie’s head at first; she believes Felicity is joking,” Emily says. “However, as the idea grows and Mackenzie’s large debt weighs on her, she views it as an idea that could be a workable answer…”

Will Mac gamble everything she’s built on an illegal poker night?

Jasmine receives an unexpected visitor

While Jasmine has made a home in Summer Bay, she’s about to get a visit from her past this week when her brother arrives on her doorstep!

When Jasmine (Sam Frost) receives word that her estranged father has died, she goes about her business as usual, saying that she doesn’t need to grieve.
However, as the days pass, her demeanor changes. She obviously has unfinished business in that location.
Just when there’s a knock at the front door, Irene (Lynne McGranger) insists on finding closure in the family she once had. “I’m her brother,” says a young man who stands before Irene looking for Jasmine.

Looks like her past has become her present!

While Jasmine has made a home in Summer Bay, she’s about to get a visit from her past this week. (Image: Seven)

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