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Home and Away newcomers have surprising link with show regular

New characters Xander and Rose are due to make their Home and Away debuts shortly, and it’s been revealed that they’ll have a surprise connection to one of the show’s long-running characters.

The two mysterious parts of Luke Van Os and Kirsty Marillier were cast last year, but a new synopsis has disclosed their connection to Summer Bay, especially since they are Jasmine’s (Sam Frost) siblings.

According to a new synopsis (via TV Tonight), Jasmine is taken aback by the revelation that her estranged father led a second life while also dealing with the appearance of Xander and Rose, who claim to be her relatives. She, on the other hand, dismisses them as con artists.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) investigates further and discovers that their narrative is true, that they are her long-lost siblings, and that her father has left her an inheritance.

Meanwhile, Rose is looking for a job as a police officer in Summer Bay and develops feelings for Cash, which could cause problems with her half-sister Jasmine, who is seeing him.

Will Jasmine welcome Xander and Rose into her life or will she reject them?

Kirsty stated in an interview after her casting was announced last year: “It’s strange that this has become my reality. I hope that in 2022, UK viewers will fall in love with Rose as much as I do, and that they will get to know her well as she uncovers mysteries and embraces the bay.”

Luke, Chris, Liam, and Luke Hemsworth’s younger cousin, said that he spoke with Chris before his audition for Home and Away.

“His advice was nice, put in the work and the work doesn’t end now, if anything this is when you need to work hard,” he recalled.


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