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Home and Away promises ‘A Week of Love, Heartache and Drama’

As Dean’s mother meets Jai for the first time, Tane and Nikau return from their holiday away, and Mackenzie watches Logan and his ex-girlfriend grow closer, a new Home and Away trailer promises ‘A week of love, new beginnings, romance, heartbreak, and drama.’

The trailer opens with a shot of Jai (River Jarvis) on the beach with a footie before switching to Dean’s mother, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), and Karen (Georgia Adamson), alongside the tagline ‘A Week of LOVE.’

Karen has just arrived in Summer Bay, days after Dean received a call alerting her to her disappearance. Dean had no reason to be concerned about her unexpected disappearance — her health hadn’t deteriorated, as Dean had feared; instead, she was fleeing from a man named Brett, who had just asked her to marry him!

Dean finds himself in a difficult situation as a result of Karen’s reappearance. He’s had a tumultuous few years, and he’s kept most of the specifics hidden from his mother, who has had enough issues of her own recently. He was in a tragic car accident that rendered him unable to walk for months… and then there’s Jai, the child he never knew he had.

Now he decides to tell Karen the truth about what’s been going on, and he introduces her to Jai for the first time.

He didn’t have to be concerned, since the new commercial depicts Ziggy pointing at Jai and informing Karen, “That’s your grandchild.”

She gives out an ecstatic gasp, and her expression says it all: she’s overjoyed that Dean has a child of his own.

It’s unclear whether she and Brett will rekindle their romance, but teasers for next Wednesday’s Australian program reveal that “Dean plays cupid for Karen and Brett,” suggesting that their love still has a chance.

Summer Bay is buzzing with love, and one of the town’s newest couples couldn’t be happier.

“Do you really not know yet?” asks Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) with a smile, as he enjoys a walk with Jasmine (Sam Frost) outside the Pier Diner. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Jasmine responds before they share a tender kiss.

However, not all of our Summer Bay favorites are so lucky.

The trailer shows Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Tane (Ethan Browne) on their recent camping vacation, promising ‘A week of NEW BEGINNINGS.’

Tane whisked Nikau away to give him the strength he’ll need to deal with the Paratas’ latest drama, which sees Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) sentenced to life in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

Tane handed Nik Mikaere’s taiaha, a traditional Mori weapon, and instructed him on how to master it.

“So what happens now?” asks Nikau.

“Now we go home,” explains Tane. “And deal with what’s coming.”

“A week of ROMANCE” is what’s coming, as Tane returns to the bay and once again comes face to face with Felicity (Jacqui Purvis).

Since Ari’s arrest, the two have been attempting to keep their distance, but it’s been difficult to stay out of one other’s way. Tane desired some distance at first, afraid of revealing something to Cash’s sister, but he soon realized that he, too, needed someone to turn to in his family’s time of need.

Felicity is overjoyed as he returns to Summer Bay. “You’re back?” she exclaims, leaping into his arms as he declares, “I’ve missed you.”

Will Tane be the one to make a minor mistake, allowing the truth about Matthew (James Sweeny) to be revealed?

Sadly, not everyone is feeling so loved in next week’s episodes.

Mackenzie (Emily Weir) hasn’t always had the best luck with love; she and Ari were doing well until Ari’s ex Mia (Anna Samson) arrived in town and shattered their relationship.

Ari and his ex-girlfriend renewed their old flame in a couple of weeks, leaving Mac out in the cold, which was made even worse by the news that she was pregnant with Ari’s baby. She miscarried in the end, causing her months of grief.

Finally, Logan (Harley Bonner) appeared, and she had the strength to let another man into her heart. Unfortunately, Logan’s ex, Neve (Sophie Bloom), has recently arrived in town, and Mac is faced with history repeating itself.

She invited Neve to stay with them in their flat in an attempt to keep her foes close, but she quickly regretted her decision.

She returns to her Diner apartment the following week to find Logan and Neve looking close once more, with Logan reassuringly placing a hand on his ex-knee. girlfriend’s

“She can’t live with us any more,” Mac tells Logan, but he’s not willing to give in without a fight.

“You know she needs help,” he retaliates, referring to the fact that she’s hiding from the military police, having left the army during their time in Afghanistan.

“Well I’m telling you what I need,” adds Mac during a tense discussion with her boyfriend at Salt. “Doesn’t that matter? I have been here before, being someone’s second choice.”

“You have nothing to worry about,” Logan reassures her – but it seems less and less likely that his feelings for his ex are entirely platonic.

Another scene in the new trailer shows her rummaging around Neve’s room — what is she looking for?

Then, when she walks back into the apartment, Neve leans in to kiss Logan, her worst fears are realized.


While the kiss appears to be one-sided from the outside, Mackenzie’s perception will be quite different. Is she poised to evict both of her housemates, leaving her with an uncertain future?

When Dean discovers what has transpired, he is furious. He told Logan not to hurt his sister, and it appears that he was right. He rushes to the motel and throws a punch in Logan’s face as soon as he opens the door.

“I told you not to hurt her.”

Meanwhile, Neve is not to be trifled with. “You need to leave me alone,” she shouts as she dives on top of Mackenzie at the Surf Club and pushes her into the pool table.

Then things get out of hand when Neve draws the notice of the authorities – first, Cash, who chases her around the park, then the military police as they swoop onto Summer Bay!

How did they figure out where Neve was?

Is this the last time she’ll be in Summer Bay?

Next week, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) has a tough time as he continues to recover from the trauma of being abandoned in a box beneath.

It appears that he is imprisoned in the Salt storeroom, and the event brings up horrifying memories of being trapped 6 feet below with no way out.

As Justin tries to calm him down and pry the door open, he knocks on it violently.

In the final moments of the promo, we hear John Palmer (Shane Withington) say “you have to go to the police,” as Theo says “you can’t tell anyone about this.”

It’s unclear whether the two voices are connected or what they’re talking about.

Finally, the trailer finishes with a view of Mia fleeing through the Northern Districts Facility, implying that someone has been admitted to the hospital.

Due to the conclusion of the Winter Olympic Games, the triple-bill on Thursday evenings will resume next week.


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