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Home and Away reveals dramatic aftermath of Tane cliffhanger in 25 spoiler pictures

Your full collection of photos reveals what’s ahead on UK screens in the week commencing Monday, January 3.

 Martha’s mental health event continues, Irene, John and Jasmine chat away.

Everyone is unaware that they’re in danger, Toxic vapors are entering the room via an air vent, after Tane’s stalker set up a gas canister in the gym downstairs.

Jasmine enjoys the time with Cash, John roped them both into attending and sitting on his table.

Leah and Justin argue on the balcony outside They’re still at odds over Theo’s bad behavior.

Martha starts to feel unwell because of the fumes, She’s unaware of the reason why and blames the champagne that she has been drinking.

The event takes a dramatic turn, When Cash spots the toxic vapors entering the room, emergency services are called to the scene.

Justin and Jasmine see the emergency team arriving, Justin and Jasmine are locked out on the balcony after Cash puts the building into lockdown.

 Roo and John speak to the emergency team, As they were inside the building earlier, they’ll both have to go through a decontamination process.

Logan finds Roo very worried, Roo is concerned as so many of her loved ones are still inside.

Logan tries to explain the situation, He says that nobody else is allowed out of the building, as anyone exposed to the risks of the toxic fumes contaminating others.

John makes a suggestion, He points out that Logan is a doctor so might be able to help with this crisis.

Tane has been taken out of the building, He was the most exposed to the fumes, as the culprit was targeting him.

Logan and Jasmine both have a decision to make, They risk being contaminated themselves by treating Tane.

Logan and Jasmine put their own safety second, They try their best to save Tane’s life.

Tane’s life hangs in the balance, Will he be okay?

It’s a critical moment for Tane, He flatlines at the hospital.

The hospital team faces a difficult decision, Jasmine thinks it may be time to stop compressions.

Logan refuses to give up on Tane and carries on, Fortunately, he manages to get Tane breathing again.

Ari and Mia arrive at the hospital, They’ve received grave news over what has happened.

Ari is fearful for his brother’s future, Tane isn’t out of the woods yet.

Ari and Mia aren’t allowed into the hospital room, As Tane was so exposed to the fumes, it isn’t safe for anyone to be near him.

Alf has his own worries, Martha is also in a critical condition.

Alf and Roo wait at Martha’s bedside, As the toxins have damaged Martha’s kidney and lungs, her family are told to prepare for the worst.

Ryder hopes to reunite with Chloe, With both of their families in turmoil after the gas attack, Ryder has realised what’s important.

Chloe has other ideas, She thinks they should break up. Ryder comes to understand that it’s the best choice for both of them.


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