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Home and Away reveals Theo and Chloe kiss aftermath


Theo Poulos of Home and Away will be heartbroken on UK screens next week when Chloe Anderson challenges his honesty.

Theo (Matt Evans) fell in love with Chloe shortly after coming to Summer Bay last year and now sees an opportunity to win her over given that she is no longer married to Ryder Jackson.

Theo makes his move in upcoming episodes of Channel 5 while recording an online video challenge with Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Chloe (Sam Barrett).

Theo and Ryder compete in a chili-eating contest, which Chloe captures on camera. The trio hopes to grow its internet audience and monetize its work through advertising.

Ryder succeeds, but after pushing himself to his limits with the rigorous eating challenge, he ends up vomiting in the bathroom.

While Ryder is preoccupied with this, Theo relishes the opportunity to be alone with Chloe and leans in for a kiss.

Theo asks Chloe why she hasn’t told Ryder about their shared kiss in the aftermath.

Chloe explains she doesn’t want to upset her ex-boyfriend so soon after their breakup, especially since Ryder has previously expressed insecurity about Theo.

Later, Theo tries to push things even further by questioning Chloe about her reaction to the kiss.

Chloe begs him to just let it go, but Theo isn’t willing to give up so easily and insists on her admitting her feelings for him.

Chloe confronts Theo, pointing out how self-centered it was for him to pursue her while Ryder was sick in the restroom next to them.

Theo confides in Justin Morgan (James Stewart) about how much he likes Chloe, but he is afraid that she only views him as the class clown as a result of this criticism.

Is it possible for them to have a future?


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