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Home and Away sets up romance for Xander and Dana

Home and Away has hinted at romance for Dana and Xander, but it looks like it won’t be smooth sailing for the pair.

Recent Australian episodes have seen Dana (Ally Harris) encourage her sister Harper (Jessica Redmayne) to get back on the dating scene, after Harper discovered that her ex-fiancé had since had a child with his new girlfriend.

Dana and Xander’s romance on Home and Away has been alluded to, but it doesn’t seem like things will go well for them.

Dana (Ally Harris) has been encouraging her sister Harper (Jessica Redmayne) to date again in recent Australian episodes. Harper found out that her ex-fiance had subsequently gotten married and had a child with his new girlfriend.

The pair quickly realised that they weren’t compatible – which is a relief, as Dana soon realised that she had a crush on Xander herself.

She admitted to Irene (Lynne McGranger) that she’s developed a crush on someone, but kept their identity to herself.

Tonight’s Aussie episodes saw Dana’s behaviour towards Xander change after realising her feelings, a fact which was quickly picked up on by Xander’s sister Rose (Kirsty Marillier).

Dana was surprised when Rose confirmed that her crush really was “that obvious,” but begged Rose to keep the news to herself.

A new promo shows that the news won’t stay secret for long, as Irene spots the pair playfully chatting at the Coffee Cart.

“He’s the one that Dana’s got the crush on,” Irene tells Harper, to a reply of, “wait, what?”.

Harper had no idea her sister had a crush on anyone – word’s spreading fast!

Harper offers her sister some words of encouragement, telling her: “You have to tell Xander how you feel, be brave!”

Another scene in the promo then sees Xander and Dana together in Salt, after Dana seemingly takes her sister’s advice.

Home and Away’s promos are known for deceiving us with out of context quotes, so we won’t believe it until we see it, but we see Dana telling Xander, “I think we can be something more.”

Has she really confessed her feelings to Xander?

Sadly, it does appear that Xander learns of Dana’s feelings sooner rather than later, with spoilers for next Thursday 22nd February asking “Has Xander lost a friend?” shortly after “Dana puts her heart on the line.”

Does this mean that Xander doesn’t feel the same way, endangering his connection with Dana?

Fortunately, despite Xander’s initial hesitancy, we know that the two do eventually hook up because actors Luke Van Os and Ally Harris have been sighted filming scenes in which they get intimate.

Does this suggest that Xander’s relationship with Dana is in jeopardy because he doesn’t feel the same way?

Thankfully, we know that Xander and Ally Harris do end up dating because Luke Van Os and Ally Harris have been spotted filming scenes where they share a passionate moment.

I’m hoping that this relationship will work out better than Xander’s past relationships.

Last year, he had a brief romantic engagement with the guest character Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri). However, Stacey’s aspirations for a polyamorous relationship caused tension between them, which culminated in Rose (Kirsty Marillier) discovering Stacey having an extramarital affair with her brother in a steamy automobile.

Hopefully, Dana’s new romance will be more successful than her previous one, which landed her in legal trouble and forced her to run for her life.

Dana, a newbie, has not only developed a new romance but also secured a new job.

Dana Matheson, who recently earned her Bronze Medallion, is destined to become a volunteer survivor, which will force her to deal with John Palmer (Shane Withington).

Ally Harris was spotted in moments where she dashed into John’s beloved Can-Am, which had its lights flashing, in photos and videos that fan Michelle Matthews captured in early November while she was dressed in her lifesaver outfit.

Dana was exonerated of the drug charges she was facing when she first came to Summer Bay, and she recently started working as a nurse at Northern Districts Hospital.

Dana wanted to give back to the community after the residents’ compassion throughout her battle to clear her reputation, so she enrolled in the surf club’s training sessions under John’s guidance.

Dana is expected to start performing lifesaving tasks in addition to her hospital shifts now that she is wearing a uniform.


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