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Home and Away Spoilers – A proposal and a death in Summer Bay

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, we reach the 2021 season finale episodes. Tempers flare after Chloe finds out the horrific truth about her father, whilst Ryder and Theo take on their most dangerous challenge yet—someone won’t survive the week!

Mia Anderson (Anna Samson) has been trying in vain to keep her daughter Chloe (Sam Barrett) from meeting her biological father Matthew Montgomery for the past few weeks (James Sweeny).

Mia is stuck between a rock and a hard place, unable to give Chloe a convincing explanation why she shouldn’t spend time with Matthew since she doesn’t want to tell her that she was the product of rape.

Chloe had grown increasingly upset with her mother, believing that all she needs to do now is get over whatever issue she had with Matthew 20 years ago. Little did she know, however, that Matthew has now turned to blackmailing Mia to see his daughter.

When barrister Matthew was assaulted by Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) after rejecting Mia’s account of what happened that night, the tables shifted in his favor, and he threatened to have Ari placed in prison if either of them tried to go between him and Chloe.

Last week, things came to a head when Chloe told Mia and Ari that she was going to business school in the city after a terrible family dinner at which Matthew was invited… In order to do so, she had to move in with Matthew.

Mia tried one more time to scare Matthew away from Chloe by threatening to tell her the truth about her pregnancy, but Matthew called her bluff, leaving Mia and Ari with just one choice.

Mia ultimately sits Chloe down and informs her about the assault this week.

Chloe feels sick to her stomach and excuses herself to rush to the bathroom, but on her return she’s angry—”Why didn’t you tell me?

Mia explains that she was attempting to protect her, but all Chloe can think about is how both Mia and Ari let her to live a lie while she learned more about her father. Chloe storms off, but not before bumping into Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Bella (Courtney Miller), who pursue her.

Chloe explains everything to Bella and Nik, feeling silly for falling for Matthew’s lure as he flashed the money. After learning that her own father killed her mother, she’s surprised to find a kindred spirit in Bella, who can sympathise with her.

The next morning, Chloe is more clear-headed, and she understands Mia’s sorrow over the years. Chloe apologizes to both Mia and Ari when she meets with them, and the three of them head home with a big weight lifted off their shoulders.

Later in the week, Ari decides that after a wild few months, it’s finally time to ask Mia a very important question—he’ll propose!

When Ari reveals the secret, Chloe is overjoyed, and the entire family rallies to put on a legendary Parata hangi in the back garden, though Mia is perplexed as to why Chloe insists on dressing up for the occasion!

With Tane, Nik and Chloe watching on, Ari gives a heartfelt speech and Mia has an inkling of what’s about to happen, as Ari gets down on one knee and produces a ring.

Ari professes his love for Mia, and unsurprisingly, she says yes!

As the evening progresses, it appears like everything is going perfectly… except for some unfinished business. Chloe has been avoiding Matthew’s calls, and she is forced to block his phone after getting yet another.

Matthew shows up at the diner the next day, demanding to know what’s going on and why Chloe isn’t answering his calls.

Chloe tells Matthew that she knows what he did to Mia and tells him to leave and never contact her again.

As they dispute about consent outside, Matthew tries to convince Chloe that things were different back then, but it makes no difference to her. Chloe departs, but Matthew’s rage continues to grow.

Matthew returns to the house later that day, pleading with her to give him a chance! When Mia arrives, though, Matthew accuses her of poisoning his daughter in order to turn her against him.

As Mia tries to get Chloe inside, Matthew’s rage boils over, and he grabs Mia, telling her that he’s had enough of her manipulating!

Tempers flare, and in a split second it’s all over… someone is dead.

Matthew’s car leaves Saxon Avenue with a body stashed in the boot, and as it speeds down Old Yabbie Creek Road, it draws the attention of local cop Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) who sets off in pursuit.

As Ari returns home, the happiest he’s been for a long time, little does he realise his whole life is about to fall apart…

More death is on the way in Summer Bay, as internet stars Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) and Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) embark on their most difficult challenge yet.

Their most recent video, in which Theo competed in a tyre-changing contest at the garage with Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), was a major hit with the female audience, and with a large amount of money produced, the two need to act quickly to keep up the pace.

Ryder gets a wild notion when he sees a coffin brochure in his step-grandmother Martha’s (Belinda Giblin) hospital room, and he suggests to Theo that he could be buried alive! Theo believes Ryder is insane, but Ryder points out how much money they could make if they charge a fee to watch the broadcast.

The next day, not wanting to be interrupted by the firewalking challenge, the two seek out a lonely area in the wilderness near the RV park, where Theo takes his makeshift coffin.

Soon enough, the livestream starts and Ryder begins his challenge—to last five hours buried underground.

The duo’s subscribers think they’re mad for attempting such a feat, but continue to flood in in as Ryder keeps them updated.

When Ryder calls Theo an hour into the challenge for a report, he is surprised to learn that Theo has gone to the diner for lunch! Theo promises to return shortly, but is distracted by walking Chloe (Sam Barrett) home.

Ryder isn’t pleased to discover that Theo has packed him some chilli peppers for his own lunch, but just as Theo assures Ryder that he’ll be back soon, the phone goes dead!

As Ryder begins to panic, little does he know that Theo is lying unconscious nearby, after getting his foot caught in some wire fencing and falling off some rocks.

With no chance of getting himself out of the coffin, which is already letting in dirt, has Ryder dug his own grave?!


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