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Home and Away Spoilers – Anne takes Tane and Flick hostage


Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Anne holds Tane and Felicity captive in a dramatic final showdown…

Tane (Ethan Browne) confronts the lady who tried to murder him—Anne Sherman—in this week’s episode of Summer Bay’s latest stalker tale (Megan Smart).

Tane began receiving red roses from an unknown source in October, and the story began there. His first thought was of Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis), with whom he’d been hooking up but had been forced to break up with when it became clear she had affections for him.

Tane and Flick were increasingly violent with one other as the roses continued to bloom, despite Flick’s protests about her innocence.

The stalker didn’t pose much of a threat until the UK’s cliffhanger in 2021 when Tane’s beverages were tainted with sedatives while he exercised alone in the gym.

After he was rendered unconscious, an unknown individual placed a rose on his chest and then set up a pesticide sprayer to rain poisonous organophosphate down on him. The mist nearly killed Tane, and it also moved upstairs to a Salt party, putting Martha Stewart (Belinda Giblin) and Marilyn Chambers in the hospital (Emily Symons).

With Felicity as the prime suspect, she requested her best friend Anne to offer an alibi for her, but Anne eventually put Flick under the bus by failing to corroborate her tale and claimed that she was too afraid to lie.

With the evidence mounting against her, including an organophosphate receipt and sedatives discovered in her van, even Flick’s brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) began to suspect her.

Flick didn’t figure out that Anne was the one who was framing her until last week. However, after failing to persuade Cash of this, Flick vanished just as the cops were about to arrest her for attempted murder, solidifying the case against her.

Cash begins to suspect something is wrong this week, and he begins to assume that perhaps his sister is innocent after all—if she’d gone on the run, Cash believes Flick would at least let him know she’s okay. Tane, the stalker’s targeted victim, does not believe Flick is capable of murdering anyone.

Cash tries to persuade Detective Darren Nasser (Julian Maroun) that his sister is in danger, but he sees her as a wanted criminal on the run, and Cash should back off before interfering with the investigation.

We learn later that, rather than escaping town, Flick has been kidnapped and is being held captive by Anne in a remote bush cottage!

Felicity begs Anne to explain why she’s doing this, but Anne gags Flick and say she’s off to get Tane.

When Anne arrives at the Parata house, she introduces herself and asks if she can come in to talk about Felicity. Tane gladly accepts, and she proceeds to tell him how concerned she is about her.

Anne reveals that she knows where Flick is and that she’s in a terrible mood when he verifies that he doesn’t believe Flick is guilty and that he wishes he could help her.

Tane leaves to get tissues as Anne starts crying, and Anne slips some sedatives into his drink before agreeing to take him to her.

Tane is starting to feel queasy as he approaches the cottage, and when he enters inside to see Flick bound and gagged, Anne tases him and he falls to the floor unconscious.

When Tane finally wakes up the next morning, he finds himself tied up opposite Flick and has no idea what’s going on. Anne, on the other hand, quickly brings him up to speed by revealing herself to be his stalker.

Flick apologizes to Tane for bringing him into her predicament when Anne leaves for a moment, but Tane admits it’s equally his fault.

Anne arrives with another container of organophosphate, presumably intending to finish the work she started in the gym the night before!

When Anne eventually reveals why she’s doing this, it’s because Tane hasn’t given her a second glance throughout his repeated visits to the club where she and Flick work.

Tane is perplexed when she adds that she witnessed him take home a different girl every night without ever speaking to her.

Of course, all of this happened behind the scenes, with viewers first encountering Anne when Tane drove to the club to pick up an inebriated Ryder (Lukas Radovich)—at which point the rose delivery to Tane had already begun.

When Ryder attempted to seduce Anne, Tane warned him not to jeopardize his relationship with Chloe (Sam Barrett) by pursuing some nobody, which Anne took offense to.

Tane had previously been spotted in the club, but Anne was not there in any of the scenes when he first met Flick.

Tane tries to make amends in the present, as both he and Flick try to persuade Anne to let the other go. When Flick is given a pen to write a goodbye note to Cash, he stabs Anne in the leg with it, any possibility of bargaining is gone.

Instead, Anne sends a text to Cash from Flick’s phone, making it appear as if she is going to end it all. When Cash receives it, he realizes that’s not something Flick would ever write, and he immediately dials a trace number.

In their search for their siblings, Cash and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) are led to the cottage, where Anne is dressed in a HAZMAT suit and prepared to release the chemicals—will they make it to Tane and Flick in time?


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