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Home and Away Spoilers – Can Rose save Cash from a gang attack?

Next week, when Heather Frazer’s identity is finally exposed, Marilyn (Emily Symons) will continue to suffer from her unusual behavior.

Heather, a recent private student of Roo (Georgie Parker) who had come to Summer Bay looking for assistance with a law school application, soon developed a strong interest in Marilyn, much to Marilyn’s distress.

Marilyn consulted her tarot cards for guidance, and they forewarned her that Heather was a liar and a manipulator, but Roo decided not to take their counsel.

Both Roo and Alf (Ray Meagher), alarmed by Marilyn’s apparent preoccupation, questioned whether she was still taking the medication that had been prescribed to her for her neurological problems as a result of the organophosphate incident the previous year.

Since they started sleeping together the day they met, Nikau, on the other hand, has observed Heather from an entirely different perspective. The two seem to be making hesitant inroads into a romance, despite Heather making it clear that there were no conditions and that they both received what they wanted from their first hookup.

The two run into each other on the beach the next week, and Nik inquires as to whether Heather has spoken with Mackenzie (Emily Weir) about a position at Salt.

Nik considers Heather’s claim that she hasn’t been hitting the books particularly hard given that she appears to be short on money a little weird.

Nik is assured that they will hook up later as Heather departs for her study session with Roo.

Nik’s uncle Tane (Ethan Browne) overhears the conversation and makes fun of Nik for having “a bit of a thing” with Heather.

However, when Nik inquires about Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) moving in with them and inquires as to when he would be told, the talk quickly turns serious. Tane acknowledges that it’s a little awkward, but Nik isn’t just worried about a fight over the restroom—has Tane forgotten that Cash is a police officer?

Tane and Nik are currently accused of having ties to the bikie gang, which is actually a cover for Tane cooperating with the police. It won’t look good if the bikies learn that the Paratas are living with an officer, especially the one who killed gang head Marty (Ben Wood).

Tane pledges to fix it, but Nik is impatient because no court date has been set.

Since she is studying law, he later asks Heather if there is anything she can think of to expedite the process. However, Heather is quick to point out that she has not even been accepted into law school.

When Roo and Marilyn notice that Nik and Heather look to be dating right now, Roo advises Marilyn to be gentle with Heather because she has had a difficult time.

Roo then starts to tell Marilyn the tale that Heather had related to her, namely that a pregnant housekeeper had an affair with her employer while she was employed as a housekeeper. Heather was made to surrender the child to the man and his wife, and she never saw her child again.v

While Roo finds the tale depressing, she doesn’t seem to be aware of the impact it has on Marilyn, who looks over at Heather nearby and is obviously horrified.

Marilyn returns home the following day to see an envelope waiting for her there.

She discovers a baby photo inside with the words “Guess who?” scrawled on the back.

Marilyn charges over to Heather’s van, demanding an explanation for the picture and questioning where she heard the tale that she told Roo.

“Why are you torturing me like this?” Heather pretends to be ignorant as Marilyn begs.

Just as Nik hears the disturbance and leaves the caravan, Heather says icily, “You figure it out.”

Heather abruptly assumes the role of the victim when she complains to Nik that Marilyn is making irrational charges against her.

Soon after, Roo arrives and is horrified to see Marilyn yelling at Heather

to stop lying. Marilyn flees as Nik supports Heather by claiming that she was in the van with him.

When Heather later asks Nik about Marilyn, he reveals that the woman had previously struggled with her mental health.

Heather sees it as a chance to apologize for not being more understanding of Marilyn’s problems early on and subsequently brings Marilyn a bouquet of flowers.

Marilyn is compelled to remain silent in front of Roo but still believes Heather is teasing her, but why?

We find out quickly after witnessing Heather enter her van and remove a tiny box of keepsakes. A copy of Heather’s birth certificate and the order of service for her father Timothy’s burial are both within. Her mother is named as Marilyn Chambers on the birth certificate.

At the Parata residence, Cash is growing frustrated with his recovery and is determined to start working again. He tries to convince Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) that he wants to go to the police station despite the fact that he can hardly move.

Cash’s problems only get worse when he hears Tane informing Flick that he needs to get out since having him there poses a serious risk. Of course, neither the station nor the hospital are willing to certify him as fit for work.

Later, Cash tells Flick that he agrees with Tane’s statement but that he should stay put and packs his luggage.

Kirsty Marillier is shocked that Tane hasn’t yet been assigned a court date when Tane decides to visit the station by himself to check if there is anything Rose (Kirsty Marillier) can do to expedite things.

Rose eventually discovers that the investigation is still underway and that the other gang members are being secretly watched in the hope that more of them will confess.

Rose is surprised to discover that the gang has ordered a hit on Cash after getting access to the files.

Rose and Xander (Luke Van Os) discuss whether or not to alert Cash because doing so will simply increase their stress levels and there won’t

be much they can do to stop it without jeopardizing the operation.

Will Rose be able to inform Cash that his life is in danger as she goes to visit him?


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