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Home and Away spoilers: Cash and Felicity reach a crossroads in their lives

Even while Felicity in Home and Away puts on a brave front for her ex-partner Tane, she is breaking down.

Business woman Flick (Jacqui Purvis) decides to attempt dating after receiving some support from her friend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo). But she freezes at the prospect of really doing something.

“It’s been a massive learning curve,” Jacqui tells TV WEEK. “It’s now time for Flick to step back and work out what she really wants.”

The following day at Salt, an opportunity presents itself in the form of a handsome stranger. After some innocent flirting, the man leaves his phone number on a napkin for her.Xander (Luke Van Os), who witnesses the interaction, encourages Flick to take a chance and give him a call. But the phone rings only once when she quickly hangs up – and keels over in the grip of a panic attack. Thankfully, paramedic Xander is there to help.

When Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), Eden’s boyfriend, returns from his suspension review, his supervisors are willing to let him rejoin the police, albeit with limited responsibilities. But he refuses to accept the terms set forth by his superiors!

About his character’s snap decision, Nicholas says, “Cash has moments where he questions himself and isn’t sure he’s made the right choices.”

Does this mean Cash is no longer a cop? And if so, what will he do next?


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