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Home and Away Spoilers – Cash Newman quits the police force!

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Cash makes a rash decision after being placed on restricted duties, while Flick takes her first steps back onto the dating scene.

Tane (Ethan Browne) is in damage control next week, after his attempt to swiftly move on from estranged wife Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) saw him plant a kiss on friend Harper (Jessica Redmayne).

After their breakup, Tane and Flick’s relationship has recently improved, and the two have even shared a few intense moments.

Tane was astounded to see Flick come down the stairs at Salt, all dolled up for the “Salt by the Sea” benefit. He gave Flick a compliment on how beautiful she looked and then put aside his own thoughts to offer to walk her to the function. Flick faltered, and Tane instantly pulled himself to attention.

Flick was hurt when Tane subsequently spent the evening laughing and talking with Harper at their table, and made a hasty exit.

Tane followed her into Salt and she explained that whilst she’s trying to move on from their marriage, she keeps getting confused by his pleasantries towards her.

Tane assured Flick that it was because he still cared about her, and that he was still struggling himself, which raised her hopes once again. Tane soon shot down her idea that they could work things out however, by telling her he wasn’t there to go backwards.

As Tane later told Harper that he felt he had gained a sense of closure following his conversation with Flick, Flick removed her wedding ring and stashed it away in a box with her wedding photo and korowai, the feathered Maori cape Tane presented to her on their wedding day.

Tane apologised to Harper for always talking about his failed marriage, but as she told him she valued his friendship, Tane took things the wrong way and kissed her.

Harper acknowledges that Tane is the only friend she’s made at Summer Bay so far, but she thinks it’s best if they keep their distance from each other next week.

Dana (Ally Harris) is eager to know everything about the experience of being kissed by the attractive personal trainer, but Harper is only thinking about how it might impact their friendship and isn’t interested in acting as Tane’s go-between.

Both Harper and Tane end up confiding in Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), with Tane ashamed that his actions may have ruined things with Harper. Unsure of how he can fix things, Tane agrees it would be best to give her some space.

Handing over the contact details for a new PT, Tane also offers to refund her gym membership saying that he needs some time to get his head straight, leaving Harper conflicted.

Later in the week, Felicity is faring better when she and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) are invited by Mackenzie (Emily Weir) for a girls’ day out at the farmhouse. Eden observes that it must be strange to be at the house where her soon-to-be-ex husband now lives, but Flick is no longer fazed by it.

Seeing the progress her friend has made, Eden makes the bold suggestion that Flick should get back out on the dating scene

Flick’s thrown, it’s certainly not something that had crossed her mind so soon after Tane.

As sheer coincidence would have it, it’s not long before an opportunity presents itself, when a customer named Matteo leaves his number written on a coaster in Salt, addressed to Flick.

Both Eden and Flick agree it’s strange timing, but Eden thinks she could give it a go, it could be fun!

But as she goes into the storeroom to dial the number, Flick has a rush of panic and hangs up quickly before anyone can answer.

Flick rushes outside to get some air, with a concerned Xander following.

Meanwhile, the day finally arrives for Cash’s suspension review. Cash was suspended from the police force after it emerged that he had assisted Harper in hiding Dana whilst she was on the run from corrupt cop Will Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky).

Although Dana has been absolved of any wrongdoing, and both Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Harper let off for their part in assisting a ‘fugitive’, the police seem intent on making an example of Cash, perhaps to make up for their own mistakes.

Cash had planned to attend his review a few weeks back, but got held up when Mackenzie rather inconveniently collapsed in Salt. Cash’s bosses weren’t too impressed when they were told by Rose (Kirsty Marillier) why Cash hadn’t been able to attend—if the medical emergency wasn’t his own, then there was no excuse.

After returning from his meeting in the city, Cash tells Eden that he hasn’t heard a final decision yet, but he’s feeling optimistic about returning to his job.

But when Cash finally hears back, the news isn’t what he was expecting. Whilst the force are indeed offering his job back, he will be demoted from Senior Constable and placed on restricted duties.

Before Eden can even ask how Cash feels about it, he tells her that he’s already given them a reply.

I told them to shove their job,” he tells a stunned Eden.

Has Cash made the right decision?


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