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Home and Away Spoilers – Cash prepares to propose to Jasmine

When the chance of a lifetime presents itself the following week, it leaves Theo (Matt Evans) torn because it would jeopardise his academic pursuits.Theo has struggled so far in his apprenticeship as a mechanic. He missed the deadline for his first assignment, which resulted in a failure, and his most recent assignment led to accusations of plagiarism after Justin (James Stewart) told Theo’s tutor that he had written it on Theo’s behalf.

Even though Theo had really written a fresh project in his own words rather than using the one Justin had made him use, it nevertheless started a complete inquiry that wasn’t stopped until Theo passed an exam and showed he knew his topic.The result was that Justin was no longer Theo’s mentor, but Sophie Dillman, another employee of Summer Bay Auto, volunteered to fill the void.

In exchange for Theo’s entire devotion, Ziggy gave up a planned road trip with boyfriend Dean (Patrick O’Connor) in order to take on Theo.

When Justin gives Theo a study plan as he anticipates his day off and notes that Ziggy will be there in two hours for their first session, it is immediately clear that Ziggy is taking her role as taskmaster seriously.

While the on-going issue with Lyrik’s lead singer Bob (Rob Mallett) has been resolved as a result of his departure from the band last week, the surviving band members are in a bind as their first regular performance at Salt approaches.

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), a co-owner of Salt, is horrified to discover that Bob the Snob has left on his throne (really, the band’s van) when she gets home, enthusiastic about the upcoming performance.Unfortunately, Remi (Adam Rowland) is unable to find a replacement singer despite his best efforts.

Remi and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) are advised by Kirby (Angelina Thomson) that holding auditions is their only chance, but they must act quickly. After getting Felicity’s permission to use Salt that afternoon, they quickly begin creating posters.

When Kirby hands a flyer to Theo, Justin encourages him to try it out because he’s really talented!

Theo’s love of music has only recently come to light because he had to keep it mostly hidden from his controlling father Dimitri (Salvatore Coco) while he was in his teens.

As a result, only a small number of people are aware that Theo can sing and play the guitar.

At home, Theo becomes sidetracked while studying with Ziggy. He’s always wanted to be in a band, and as they talk, he can’t stop thinking about the auditions that are taking place.

When Justin brings up the auditions in discussion while still trying to get Theo to try out, Ziggy is surprised to learn of Theo’s obvious talent. She dislikes the interruption.

, stating that Theo could not possibly devote to both the obligations of a band and his apprenticeship.Theo reluctantly agrees and discards the flier, but Justin later sees some of the terrible auditions taking place at Salt and informs his family that Lyrik are obviously not having much luck.

Theo thinks he can’t let the chance pass him by and sneaks out the back door as Justin and Ziggy continue to argue.

Theo doesn’t let the fact that he’s too late deter him from picking up Remi’s guitar and starting to play when he arrives at Salt to find the band packing up their gear.

As Theo begins to play, Remi starts to object, but Kirby suggests they should listen to him out.

Later that evening, when they finally get back to him, they have wonderful news: Theo will now be Lyrik’s lead singer!Justin is just as excited as Theo, but they now need to deal with Ziggy’s minor issue. Additionally, why isn’t Chloe returning their calls?When Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) learns that girlfriend Jasmine (Sam Frost) is finally returning home, he has cause to rejoice.

Since his mother Wendy (Amanda Muggleton) had a heart attack, Jasmine has been providing assistance at her late husband Robbo’s (Jake Ryan) parents’ farm in the northern reaches of New South Wales for the past six weeks.Cash had been anxious about having a wild night in Rose’s (Kirsty Marillier) automobile on the night before Jasmine leaves.

No, they didn’t sleep with; everything was harmless. Nevertheless, Cash has been behaving like a headless chicken, pleading with people not to speak to Jasmine and frequently sparring with both Rose and her half-brother Xander (Luke Van Os).

Xander admits to his sister that he needs help since he can’t continue living this way after Rose observed him struggle to handle the stress of his paramedic job last week.Eventually, Xander confides in Cash that he is hesitant to ask for assistance at work because he has just recently started working there. Then Cash says that in order to use him as a best man in the near future, he needs him to straighten himself out.

Jasmine is not only returning home, but Cash also intends to pop the question to her!

Cash puts on his best suit that afternoon and sets the home up for Jasmine’s arrival by setting out champagne and roses on the dining room table (with Irene’s permission!).

Cash grows anxious as the minutes pass with the ring in his pocket, and it’s not simply because Jasmine is running behind schedule.

He tries to call Jasmine’s cellphone but only gets voicemail.

He looks out the window, waiting for her to come, and starts to wonder if anything has happened to her.

A star is born in Summer Bay. Justin and Ziggy argue about Theo’s nightmares. Salt gets to experience Felicity’s boss-woman antics. Bikies are unwilling to compromise. Chloe is saved by Tane from danger. A call comes in that alters Theo’sRose begins to doubt Tex. Tane defends his household. Bella’s heart is broken by Nikau. Rose looks into Tex. Irene’s family meal goes horribly wrong. Xander acknowledges having a problem.John despises his obnoxious neighbours. When Jasmine returns, Cash has enormous plans for her. Xander asks for aid.



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