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Home and Away spoilers: Chloe’s biological father shows up in the Bay



Mia (Anna Samson) has recently received some unexpected texts and phone calls from Chloe’s (Sam Barrett) biological father, who hasn’t contacted her in over two decades. She takes Chloe out for a mother-daughter weekend in the city, struggling to keep her cool.

Mia has clearly opted not to tell her daughter about the situation when they return, but the problem is clearly not going away when she notices the man himself roaming about the Bay later that day…

Mia and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) are descending the stairwell from Salt when she notices Summer Bay newcomer Matthew (James Sweeny) entering the Surf Club. She quickly develops an excuse to enter the Gym, just evading Matthew’s notice and just barely avoiding Ari’s suspicions about her actions.

When Mia leaves later, Ari begins to worry what’s going on with his companion. Mia, meanwhile, chases after Matthew, demanding to know why he’s in the Bay. She tells him he has no business being here, but he insists that he wants to meet his child and that it’s unjust that he hasn’t known where she has been for all these years.

Mia gets another text from Matthew later at home, saying he won’t leave until they figure something out. Mia hurries away from the kitchen, making up a fast excuse about needing to see a client at the gym, leaving Ari concerned of what she’s hiding…


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