Home and Away Spoilers – Mackenzie faces financial ruin

    Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Mac is in difficulty as her business teeters on the brink, and Marilyn returns to Martha’s dreadful news…

    Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) gets some bad news regarding Salt this week when her insurer reveals that the restaurant will not be compensated for the damages incurred as a result of the organophosphate attack last year.

    The news arrives as Salt’s bartender Ryder (Lukas Radovich) is putting the finishing touches on a new drink. Ryder (Lukas Radovich) recently secured a pay raise after graduating from his TAFE course in hospitality management. Mac gives Ryder permission to put it on the cocktail menu, but her mood quickly shifts when she receives the message.

    When Ryder gives Mac another creation to try, she dismisses it and tells him to call the printers and cancel the new food menu they were planning. She’s suddenly decided that switching the dishes in the middle of the season will be too confusing.

    When Mac’s brother Dean (Patrick O’Connor) buys a drink, Mac insists that he pay for it—tired she’s of being taken advantage of, and she’s cutting him off right now!

    Dean inquires about Mac’s unusual behavior with Mac’s lover Logan (Harley Bonner), but he has no idea.

    Later, Mac calls the insurance company, who just confirms what they wrote in the letter. Despite the fact that Mac has lost thousands of dollars in tainted food stock as a result of the illegal damage, not to mention the cleaning costs, they refuse to pay.

    Dean discovers Mac in tears in the storeroom, admitting that she is broke. Mac can no longer maintain her charade.

    After her breakup with Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and subsequent miscarriage, Mac took time off from the restaurant, which was already losing money.

    The gas attack at Martha’s (Belinda Giblin) black-tie event was the cherry on top, and Mac was counting on the insurance money to get back on his feet.

    Despite the idea that Logan might be able to help, Mac maintains to Dean that she doesn’t want Logan to know she’s in danger.

    The next day, Ryder is perplexed to discover that his hours have been reduced in the most recent roster, and upon interrogating Mac, he discovers that this is not a mistake!

    Ryder claims that he is now making less than he was before his recent wage increase, which he believes is unjust. Mac can just provide her support in allowing him to find a casual job elsewhere, as she does not want to expose the reason why.

    Ryder is handed yet another major setback when Mac subsequently declares that the whole cocktail menu—his specialty—will be canceled. Mac will not bend, despite Ryder’s protests, because his cocktails are simply too pricey.

    Ryder is putting some goods away before leaving after being told he should take the rest of the day off when he comes finds the discarded insurance letter in the storage. Suddenly, Mac’s demeanor starts to make sense.

    Rather than confronting Mac about it, Ryder turns to Dean, who confirms that Mac told him about it.

    Dean persuades Ryder to open up Salt’s accounts on the internet, against his better judgment, to see how terrible things really are.

    The situation is dire; suppliers have not been paid in weeks, and the only expenses are employee wages, which are met by the overdraft. Ryder is terrified as he realizes that Salt is about to close!

    As Ryder walks away, Dean defies Mac’s wishes and calls their estranged but stinking-rich father, Rick (Mark Lee)…. but will he be willing to help, or will he just laugh at Mac’s failure?

    Marilyn (Emily Symons) returns to Summer Bay after a two-month hiatus this week.

    As she battled to cope with the psychiatric problems she’d experienced as a result of her exposure to the organophosphate leak at Salt, Marilyn decided to take a break and visit her son Jett (Will McDonald) and former charge Raffy (Olivia Deeble).

    As the two meet up over a cup of tea, Roo (Georgie Parker) is overjoyed to have Marilyn back at home.

    But their talk is cut short when Alf (Ray Meagher), who had gone to Merimbula two weeks previously to see Martha, arrives unexpectedly.

    Following their dispute over Martha’s choice to not accept Roo’s kidney for a lifesaving transplant, Roo had turned down the opportunity to see her mother, but she soon began to second-guess her decision.

    Alf tells Roo that Martha’s condition has worsened, and he’s back for a few days to make plans before heading back to Merimbula for what could be a protracted stay.

    When Marilyn informs Roo that the current developments may mean this is her last chance to see Martha, Roo tells her father that she wants to accompany him. She might just be able to persuade Martha to reconsider the surgery.

    Alf, on the other hand, is not pleased with Roo’s offer, warning her that if she visits, she must respect Martha’s wishes and not bring up the transplant again.

    When Roo realizes Alf isn’t telling her the whole story, she asks Logan to contact Martha’s transplant team, and he learns that Martha’s prognosis isn’t good. Martha is not only losing dialysis effectiveness, but she is also showing indicators of cardiovascular illness.

    Logan is compelled to inform Roo that Martha’s death is a distinct probability.

    Roo confronts Alf, who confesses that he was too afraid to tell her about it.

    Roo attempts yet again to persuade her father that if Martha is to survive, she must alter her mind about the transplant, but Alf refuses to budge.

    “I can’t go to Merimbula and not talk to her about it” an exasperated Roo explains to Alf.

    “Then don’t go” he replies bluntly.

    Will Roo be able to see her mother before it’s too late?


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