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Home and Away Spoilers – Mali finally chooses between Rose and Zara

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, as Rose and Mali reach breaking point, Mali finally works up the courage to send Zara packing.

When it appeared that Mali (Kyle Shilling) had come up with a plan to deal with his ex-girlfriend Zara (Matilda Brown) visiting Summer Bay, Mackenzie’s (Emily Weir) reappearance puts even more wrench in the works.

A few weeks ago, Zara shocked everyone by showing up out of the blue and declaring herself to be Mali’s “promised wife.” Zara was secretly hopeful that she could win back Mali, even though it seemed like she was just kidding and it was a running joke in their families that the childhood friends were meant to be together.

The two were in a relationship prior to Zara leaving their hometown of Mantaray Point for law school, so although Mali didn’t want Zara to stay with him given his current relationship with Rose (Kirsty Marillier), he felt he had no choice when his mother Vicky (Ursula Yovich) advised him to make Zara feel at home.

Needless to say, Rose, who has been waiting for Mali to grow up and send Zara on her way, hasn’t been impressed by the scenario either.

A further run-in with Zara last week saw Rose forced to issue an ultimatum to Mali—”it’s either me or her“. Mali finally decided to stand up to Zara and tell her outright that he chooses Rose, and that he would not let her ruin his relationship. It was then that Zara finally admitted her true reason for wanting Mali back.

After several years of studying law, she found that the reality didn’t stand up to the dream. Six months after graduation she has turned her back on being a lawyer, but is dreading going home and telling her parents.

Zara reasoned that it would lessen the damage if she went back to Mantaray Point with Mali, appearing as though she had abandoned her ideal job for love. especially when it was the person her parents had always wished she would marry.

Mali showed compassion for Zara and allowed her to stay for as long as she needed, but in order to please Rose, he asked if he might live with her for a short while while Zara stayed at the farmhouse.

Mali, however, was unprepared for the Mac’s comeback.

Whilst Mali and Rose are enjoying finally having some alone time together this week, Mac arrives home from her trip to see Dean and Ziggy and is surprised to find a complete stranger alone in her kitchen.

You scared the life out of me!” Zara exclaims, as she turns around to find Mac staring at her in bemusement. “Who the hell are you?

I could ask you the same question,” Mac quickly replies.

Mac is soon interrupting Mali and Rose’s lovefest to demand an explanation, reminding him that he can’t just invite someone to stay in her house and then leave without running it by her first.

Mali tells her the full story and explains that it’s complicated, but Mac isn’t interested in his excuses as he tries to resist coming back with her.

Not my promised wife, not my problem!” Mac states.

Returning to Zara, Mali acknowledges that leaving her alone wasn’t the best choice, but Mac, not ready to let Zara stay without Mali, tells Zara it’s time to go home.

Mali thinks Zara is only biding her time, hoping he will change his mind about leaving with her, despite Zara’s protestations that she came to him believing she could trust him to help her. But when Zara begs him to grant her a few more weeks so she can figure out how to inform her parents, Mali caves in once more.

But Mac, quite rightly, refuses to accept Mali’s solution of just keeping things the way they are, warning him that must come back to the farmhouse if Zara is staying put.

Either you’re there, or she’s not. It’s your choice. End of discussion.” Mac tells him.

Naturally, Mali decides to return to the farmhouse after all, instead of defying Zara, which annoys Rose that they’ve gone back to their original location after her order.

Not unexpectedly, she rejects Mali’s offer for her to remain with him as well.

Mali finally decides that enough is enough and tells Zara that she needs to leave Summer Bay, go back home, and tell her parents the truth after realizing that their relationship is about to crumble.

Mali rejects Zara’s accusation that he is neglecting “his responsibilities” in order to watch out for her.

He looks at her and says, “You’ve been making my life more difficult because you can’t face your own.”

Zara agrees to go back home and confront her parents after realizing that she must mature. As a friend, Mali offers to accompany her, but she understands that she must do this alone.

Rose arrives just in time to see Mali bidding Zara farewell after packing up her car.

Will Rose and Mali finally be able to move in with their relationship without any more dramas?


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