Home and Away spoilers: Marilyn tells Alf she has to leave the Bay in sad scenes

    Marilyn (Emily Symons) has been alienating her friends since waking up from an induced coma with a completely different personality, and she has recently taken the situation up a notch by filing a complaint against Logan (Harley Bonner) with the medical board.

    When Ryder (Lukas Radovich) arrives to pick Marilyn up from the hospital, they bump into Logan on their way out, and both men brace for a confrontation. However, Marilyn wishes him good luck for the tribunal instead – stopping short of making an offer to withdraw the complaint altogether.

    Later, as Marilyn enters the Diner, she observes Roo (Georgie Parker) is looking pensive and tries to reassure her companion. Roo adds that she has been undergoing psychological testing in preparation for her imminent kidney transplant and is now feeling like a child as memories from her past surface.

    Marilyn inquires as to when she will be able to make a decision on the transplant, advising her not to delay too long because her mother is dying. Roo raises her eyes in surprise, perplexed as to how her friend could be so rude. Marilyn suddenly leaves, and she realises she’s been nasty without realising it.

    Alf (Ray Meagher) approaches Marilyn, who is lost in meditation, on the pier. She tells Alf that she doesn’t know if she’ll ever feel like herself again, and he offers her consolation, but it doesn’t help much. Alf assures her that her friends still value her, even if she is more outspoken than previously. When Marilyn tells Irene the next day that she isn’t sure she’s ready to return to work at the Diner yet, it’s apparent she still has a lot on her mind.

    Back at the house, Marilyn is waiting to speak with Alf alone, and she says that with everyone struggling right now, paired with her inability to keep her thoughts to herself, she isn’t sure the Bay is

    Right now, this is the best place for her. Alf is perplexed and inquires about her plans. Marilyn says she’ll go see Jett (Will McDonald) and Raffy (Olivia Deeble), but she also realises she needs some time away before she loses everyone she cares about.

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