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Home and Away Spoilers – Martha refuses Roo’s kidney transplant

The 2021 season finale episodes of Home and Away will air in the UK next week, with Cash having to be cruel to be nice, Felicity facing the truth about her father’s death, and Martha making a decision that could have fatal implications…

After a difficult few months in which Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) relationship with her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) was tested to the breaking point, Flick is now dealing with additional anxiety as the anniversary of her father’s suicide approaches.

Anthony Newman, the Newmans’ father, committed suicide on the family property in 2006, with a 12-year-old Cash discovering his body. Despite a suicide judgment, Flick has always claimed that her father was murdered, refusing to accept that Anthony would choose to abandon them after their mother died some years ago.

Every year, Cash travels to their old city to celebrate Anthony’s life with relatives and friends, but Flick has always refused to go, unable to face all of the people who believe the alleged lies about her father’s death.

Flick’s mental health has always been a source of concern for Cash during this time of year, and Flick has a habit of fleeing away. Last week, when Cash went for his homeland, he requested Jasmine (Sam Frost) to keep an eye out for Flick, which she did, despite the fact that she was distracted by alcohol.

Flick was found napping in the Paratas back garden on the anniversary day, and Tane (Ethan Browne) was there to encourage her as she browsed through her priceless family photo album.

Cash returns to Summer Bay this week and is astonished to hear that Flick hasn’t left town, despite being enticed to do so—it appears that having Jasmine and Tane to look after her provided her with the support she required. Instead, she wants to stay and talk to him, but Cash, to her surprise, is now the one avoiding her.

Cash tells Jasmine that he has proof of their father’s death… Flick, on the other hand, will despise him for it!

When Flick arrives at the Beach House, Cash shows her the police dossier on Anthony’s death that he’s brought back with him, and he requires that she read it if she wants to move forward.

With crime scene images and autopsy information included, the dossier is horrible to look at, and Flick battles to keep her composure as she fumbles through it.

Flick eventually has enough of it, and she rejects Cash’s attempt to console her by leaving. She has a nervous breakdown while sitting alone on the beach.

Flick hesitantly speaks with Cash the next day and acknowledges that she now realizes the truth, but that she is angry with both Cash and her father. She’ll have to give herself some time to process what transpired.

Despite her initial desire to leave town, she contacts Tane and asks if he will accompany her, which he gladly accepts.

Tane whisks Flick away to a remote cabin (the same one Nik and Bella visited a few months ago), and after a stressful day, Flick reveals the next morning that it’s the first time she’s slept soundly in weeks…

Is Flick going to be able to move on at long last?

In other news from Summer Bay, Roo (Georgie Parker) eventually decides whether or not to donate her kidney to her mother Martha (Belinda Giblin).

Martha’s situation was bleak, with her other kid Kieran (Rick Donald) previously declared incompatible and Alf (Ray Meagher) unable to give owing to heart difficulties. Martha began preparing her own funeral, looking through coffin brochures and consulting with a priest, in order to be practical.

Alf was enraged that Martha appeared to be giving up, but Roo stated that they needed to back Martha up in anything she wanted to do.

The news that Roo was compatible was initially reassuring, but a recent visit with the transplant psychotherapist left Roo doubting herself.

Unbeknownst to Roo, Martha has expressed her apprehension about the operation to Alf, explaining that she does not want her daughter to suffer years of medical problems as a result of her.

Alf’s unexpected questioning of whether Roo had considered things through, combined with the therapist bringing up traumatic memories of Roo losing her mother as a teenager (after Martha faked her death), made it all the more difficult for Roo to make her decision.

Roo tells Irene (Lynne McGranger) this week that she doesn’t understand what’s holding her back. Irene wonders about the remorse she would feel if she answered no and Martha died as a result, hoping that may assist Roo.

Meanwhile, Alf is torn between his emotions and decides to spend some time in the hospital chapel, where he confesses his fears for both Roo and Martha and asks for the strength he’ll need to maintain his family… whatever happens.

When Roo returns to the hospital, she cheerfully informs Alf and Martha that she will be donating her organs. When Roo subsequently finds that a surgical space has opened up for tomorrow, Alf is relieved, and everyone is taken aback!

The next day, as preparations are being made, Roo is being wheeled out of the room towards the theatre when Martha yells for everyone to come to a halt…

Roo tries to comfort her mother that everything would be fine, only for Martha to tell them that the transplant is not for her!

The Stewarts are in disarray as the 2021 season draws to a close—has Martha squandered her only chance?

After these episodes aired in November, Home and Away in the UK will jump right into the 2022 season the next week, although Australian viewers had to wait two months to find out what happens next.


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