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Home and Away Spoilers – Mia is arrested as Logan’s ex arrives

The Paratas have been ripped apart in the aftermath of Matthew’s death, while Logan has an unexpected visitor next week on Home and Away in the UK as the 2022 season premieres…

Mia Anderson (Anna Samson) was on the run from the cops with Matthew Montgomery’s (James Sweeny) body stashed in the boot of the car as the 2021 season of Home and Away came to a dramatic climax on UK screens.

Matthew’s death came at the conclusion of a harrowing few weeks for Mia, in which she had tried to keep Matthew from meeting their daughter Chloe (Sam Barrett). Mia had been unable to tell Chloe that her conception was the result of Matthew rapping her until last week.

As a result, Mia has been forced to watch helplessly as Chloe grew closer to her father, despite her inability to explain her feelings toward him.

After Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) punched him, Matthew blackmailed Mia, threatening to have Ari placed in prison if Mia stood in the way of him and Chloe. Mia realized she had no choice but to tell Chloe the truth when she revealed this week that she was moving in with Matthew to attend business school in the city.

Chloe became ill and stopped communicating with Matthew, only for him to appear in Summer Bay and demand an explanation. Mia intervened when he encountered Chloe outside the house later, and tempers escalated. Chloe panicked and smacked Matthew over the head with a rock while Matthew seized Mia in rage. Matthew collapsed on the ground, lifeless.

Mia put the body into the boot of Matthew’s car and rushed away, thinking quickly.

Mia grabbed the attention of local cop Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) as she sped along Old Yabbie Creek Road as Ari returned home to discover Chloe lying on the sofa in shock. Mia was pulled over and noticed blood on her clothes, so she made the hasty decision to drive away!

Thankfully, UK audiences won’t have to wait two months to find out what happens next, as we take up the action next week in the 2022 season opening on Monday 7th March (First peek on 5STAR, Friday 4th March, 6:30 pm), Mia is urgently attempting to elude the cops as she speeds down the road.

Ari tries unsuccessfully to contact Mia after gaining some understanding from Chloe, who tells him the entire tale, while Cash calls in for support in the hunt.

Cash is startled to learn the name of the driver after a police roadblock compels Mia to halt the car, and even more so when he uncovers the terrible secret buried in the boot!

“She’s frozen—Mia has run out of options,” Anna told Australian magazine TV Week. “There was no plan in her thinking, only to get as far away as she could.”

Mia is cuffed and placed under arrest on suspicion of murder because she is unable to answer any of Cash’s questions.

After receiving a call from Cash, Ari rushes to the police station, where Mia refuses to say anything except that she wants a lawyer.

As Cash tries to make sense of the incident and arrange for a lawyer, he defies tradition by allowing Ari to visit Mia in the hopes of resolving the matter.

Mia quickly inquires about Chloe, to which Ari responds that he has been informed of the situation and that Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) is looking after her.

Mia is determined that they can’t tell the cops what occurred because she needs to protect Chloe at all costs, and Ari assures Mia that he’ll get her back.

However, when Ari requests a private meeting with Cash, he discloses that Mia is innocent and is actually covering for someone else. If Cash can persuade the prosecution to drop all charges against Mia, he’ll get to hear the whole story…

Mia is taken aback when Cash returns with Ari and tells her she’s free to leave—despite Ari’s complete confession to killing Matthew himself!

Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) finds himself in Summer Bay with an unexpected visitor from his past when ex-girlfriend Neve Spicer (Sophie Bloom) shows up!

Logan’s relationship with current girlfriend Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) has never been better since his decision to move in with her at the Pier apartment, but there have always been certain aspects of his history that he has kept hidden.

Logan receives a text message that shakes him, and he makes a hasty explanation about work before racing out the door. Mac and Logan are about to eat breakfast when Logan receives a text message that shakes him.

He goes to the park and sees Neve, and it’s almost as if he has seen a ghost!

Logan and Neve had previously served as army medical officers in Afghanistan together. Neve, however, went missing when the couple arrived in Germany two years ago. Logan had not heard from her since then and assumed she had died.

Logan is barely holding it together as Neve reveals she couldn’t bear returning to Afghanistan and had to find a way out. They both know she’ll be court-martialed if the authorities find out she’s back in Australia.

When Logan asks Neve why she’s showing up now, she expresses her desire for him to return!

Logan reveals that the persistent questioning over Neve’s absence drove him out of the army, and she apologizes for putting him through it.

Neve then asks Logan for forgiveness as she kisses him… Just as Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) happens to be walking by!

How long will it be until news reaches Mac, given Ziggy’s haste in telling Dean (Patrick O’Connor) what she saw?

Long-time viewers may remember Sophie Bloom (née Hensser) from her previous role as Freya Duric, who made headlines in 2009 when she showed up in town looking for her ex-boyfriend Xavier Austin (David Jones-Roberts).

Freya is best known for kissing Nicole Franklin (Tessa James) in front of a mob of pupils at Summer Bay High School, then bathing topless on the beach in front of Alf Stewart and kissing Xavier’s brother Hugo (Bernard Curry).

Freya eventually left town leaving Xavier to take a beating from a drug dealer she owed money to!


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