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Home and Away spoilers: Nikau finds new romance with Heather?

Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) has recently realized he has to let Bella (Courtney Miller) go for good and let her enjoy her new life in New York.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) advised him not to fly to New York to try to patch things up because Bella is happy and doesn’t need his interference any longer, even though he just ended their relationship to shield her from the approaching threat of the biker gang.

Nikau, who is brokenhearted but realises his life is at Summer Bay, carries on with his lifeguarding responsibilities while attempting to move on from his love and the bikie incident. After the police sting, he still has a court date coming up, but when he talks about it on the beach, he is unaware that someone is listening in.

Nikau is astonished to find Heather (Sofia Nolan) strolling over in her bikini to introduce herself while they are having a chat.

Used to Bella’s shyness, he is taken aback by how direct Heather is – she invites him to Lyrik’s gig that night, and he says yes without thinking. He realizes he has nothing to lose and meets her in Salt a few hours later.

The two get along, and Nikau appreciates Heather’s straightforward demeanour. She gives him greater self-assurance, and he recommends that they leave the gig early so they can go back to his apartment. When Heather accepts his offer, they have a steamy encounter back at the Parata home.

Afterward, Nikau is looking troubled, and Heather immediately susses him out – he’s only recently left a relationship, right? Nikau confirms her suspicion and Heather leaves, giving him the space he needs.

But with Heather seemingly sticking around in the Bay for now, will this be the last Nikau sees of her?


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