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Home and Away spoilers: Theo ruins Nikau’s first lifeguard shift with a dangerous prank


Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) has been training hard to earn his bronze medallion and become a lifeguard, so he’s nervous on his first day of patrolling the beach. He is, however, excited – but that excitement is swiftly dashed when he enters the Surf Club and is instead given a list of jobs to complete since John (Shane Withington) is overloaded with numerous concerns.

Later, John instructs him to wash the Polaris and service it thoroughly, and a dissatisfied Nikau accepts the task. Soon after, Theo (Matt Evans) approaches and asks if he’d be interested in collaborating on prank videos with him. Nikau denies and returns to his job, but Theo recognizes an opportunity and rushes to the shore, exclaiming that there appears to be someone in need in the ocean.

Nikau leaps into action and orders Theo to grab John, sprinting towards the river – only to be interrupted by Theo’s laughter behind him. When he looks back, he sees Theo hop into the Polaris and rev the engine before speeding away… Nikau is perplexed as to how he can tell John the truth. He enters the Surf Club and panics with Bella (Courtney Miller), before John inquires about the Polaris…

Meanwhile, Theo is having the time of his life, recording for his latest video with his phone propped up. As he rushes around the Bay, he talks about how he’d surely kiss Chloe (Sam Barrett) again, noting how much of a goddess she is. He drives until the engine judders to a halt in the middle of some trees, indicating that it has run out of gas. He gets out of the car and walks away, seemingly unconcerned.

Theo quickly learns, however, that stealing a vehicle and going about his business is not an option. When he returns home, he comes through the front door and is greeted by both Justin and John who are waiting for him.

John reminds him that he has the option of filing charges, but that instead, he will devise the ideal punishment for him…


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