Home and Away Spoilers – Theo sleeps with Chloe as his father arrives

    Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Theo is forced to face his father again as Dimitri returns to Summer Bay after 17 years…

    Following his admission to John Palmer (Shane Withington) that he had been a victim of his father Dimitri’s (Salvatore Coco) abuse throughout his teen years, Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) has been on pins and needles in recent weeks.

    Theo made an urgent phone call to his mother Cassandra after discovering that documents pertaining to his community service had been mailed to his home address back in the city. Cassandra reassured Theo that she had hidden the letter out of Dimitri’s reach, much to his relief.

    After overhearing the chat, John became concerned and asked Theo what he was afraid of, and the truth finally came out.

    Dimitri had always been an authoritarian parent, but when Theo began to speak up after turning 14, Dimitri escalated the situation by physically abusing him.

    After overhearing the chat, John became concerned and asked Theo what he was afraid of, and the truth finally came out.

    Dimitri had always been an authoritarian parent, but when Theo began to speak up after turning 14, Dimitri escalated the situation by physically abusing him.

    Theo vowed John to secrecy because he didn’t want his aunt Leah (Ada Nicodemou) to learn the awful truth about her older brother, but Leah and Justin (James Stewart) had been seeking to establish bridges between Theo and Dimitri in recent weeks.

    Justin was unable to persuade Theo to contact his father, and Theo was alarmed when he learned that Leah had visited his parents while returning from Cyprus.

    It certainly IS a surprise for Theo when Leah and Justin bring Dimitri along to the garage.

    Dimitri says that he’d like some alone time with Theo in front of the others, so the two return to the house, where Dimitri’s attitude abruptly shifts.

    Dimitri sends Theo back to the city, stating that Cassandra has abandoned him. As Justin and Leah arrive, Theo is overjoyed that his mother has finally stood up to Dimitri, and the two are in the middle of a heated argument.

    As Dimitri tells Justin and Leah that Theo has no respect for family, and that this has only gotten worse since he moved in with them, Theo rushes off. He then accuses Leah of inciting Cassandra and Theo to turn against him!

    Cassandra reveals that her leaving Dimitri had nothing to do with Leah intervening over the phone, but only Theo knows the real reason.

    Meanwhile, Justin’s alarm bells start to sound as he listens to Dimitri’s thoughts on the need to be tough on Theo…

    Leah and Justin agree that there’s clearly something more going on, and they need to get to the bottom of it…

    Who is Dimitri Poulos?

    Dimitri is Leah’s older brother, as well as Alex (Danny Raco) and Chris (Alex Blias), and initially came on the show in 2003 to celebrate Alex’s 21st birthday.

    Dimitri’s disputes with Alex during the celebrations contributed to their father Theo’s (Silvio Ofria) heart attack, as he is the most hot-headed of the siblings and a stickler for the Poulos family customs.

    After the two reconciled their issues, Dimitri came to see Leah and VJ off at the airport as they flew to the United States for VJ’s hearing operation. Dimitri’s most recent appearance was during Leah’s wedding to Dan Baker in 2005. (Tim Campbell)

    We first revealed the news of Dimitri’s return back in November, after Salvatore Coco was spotted filming at Palm Beach.

    Responding to the story on Instagram, Salvatore praised his time on the show. 

    I can definitely assure you when Dimitri comes back to the bay, the bay won’t know what’s hit them” he said. “The material I was given was so fulfilling as an actor, I had so much to work with and @thisismattevans was really awesome to work with

    Meanwhile, Theo seeks solace in the embraces of an equally sad Chloe Anderson while he tries to escape his father (Sam Barrett).

    Chloe’s problems, on the other hand, are more self-inflicted, as her lies and manipulation begin to bite her.

    Chloe had been avoiding her mother Mia (Anna Samson) in recent weeks, unable to see her in such sadness following the loss of her husband Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams). Instead, Chloe has become preoccupied with spending time with her friend Bella (Courtney Miller), and anyone who gets in the way, especially Bella’s boyfriend Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), is doomed.

    Bella was outraged to find that Bella was spending time with Nik while working on her photography assignment when she was forced to ask Chloe to give her some space last week since her presence had become more overbearing.

    Nik’s cherished taiaha—a traditional Maori sword held by his late father—was stolen in retaliation, and she subsequently placed it in the bathroom, alleging that he’d put it there all along. Nik was furious as his uncle Tane (Ethan Browne) bought into Chloe’s narrative and made him apologise.

    This week, Nik is furious to learn that Chloe had deliberately avoided contacting Mia to let her know of their plans, meaning Mia had cooked a special family dinner for everyone which had gone to waste. Chloe claims that Nik was supposed to be the one who let Mia know, but he later explains to Bella that this is a lie.

    Bella’s housemate Dean (Patrick O’Connor) has also been wising up to Chloe’s antics, and explains that it’s really beginning to affect Mia who hasn’t seen her daughter in days.

    When Bella and Nik discover that Chloe has lied about having arrangements with her mother yet again, they realise they’re being played like fools. Bella has had enough and returns to the farmhouse, packing up all of Chloe’s stuff and confronting her about her deception.

    Whilst Chloe tries to deflect by claiming she’s just trying to ditch her, Bella isn’t taking any more dramatics and asks her to leave.

    It’s Theo who picks up Chloe on the roadside on her long walk back to town, and as the two take some time out from the bay, they talk through their troubles.

    When Theo says he doesn’t want to go home, Chloe suggests going back to her place, where she leads him straight to the bedroom!

    Nik is stunned when he returns home to find a post-coital Theo and Chloe emerging from her room.

    After Theo leaves, a concerned Nik begs Chloe for an explanation, and seeing an opportunity to take advantage of the situation, she claims that sleeping with Theo was a mistake because she was so upset by Nik and Bella’s conduct!

    Chloe is driven back to the farmhouse by Nik after claiming that the only person she can talk to is Bella… Her strategy appears to have worked!

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