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Home and Away spoilers: Theo’s downfall, Felicity baby twist and Bree’s ultimatum

Home and Away’s Theo’s drug addiction continues causing plenty of rows. Elsewhere Tane grows closer to the abandoned baby at the beach – causing ex-Felicity to make a big decision

Home and Away viewers can expect a lot of drama next week on the soap.

After noticing Kirby was talking to a cop last week, Theo brushes it off, after smashing his interview with help from the pills. The next morning, Theo is feeling the comedown when Justin bursts through the door with the good news that he’s scored another interview with the local radio station.

Panic starts to set in for Theo and he begs Valerie for another pill so he can do the interview, adamant that the drugs were the only reason he did so well. She refuses but an agitated Theo lashes out in retaliation. He immediately regrets his choice of words, but Valerie, deeply hurt, storms off.

In spite of their previous tension, Valerie approaches Kirby alone. Acknowledging that they both care about Theo, she tells her that he’s been cut off from the pills, reassuring her that she won’t lead him astray.

Theo returns home eventually apologising profusely for his selfish outburst. Valerie forgives him, but still refuses to give him a pill. This makes Theo even more desperate, and with the live radio interview looming over his head, he feels like he has nowhere to turn.

He says he understands how much Valerie has at stake here and isn’t going to put her in jeopardy – that’s why she should give him the dealer’s number, and he’ll acquire the pills himself. Valerie is conflicted – but she finally relents.

Elsewhere in the soap, after discovering an abandoned baby on the beach, Tane refuses to leave the baby’s side, not even to eat or rest. His housemates Mali and Mackenzie wonder if he’s a little too invested in this child – but Tane is not going to walk away.

Back at the hospital, Tane decides to call the baby “Maia” – the Māori word for “courage”. He then jumps in to be the baby’s emergency foster carer and comes up with a plan. Speaking to Mali, he says he’s planning to get residency so he can be Maia’s emergency foster carer.

Felicity later finds out Tane’s plan and seeing him at the hospital hits hard for her. She then rushes home with baby Maia on her mind. Determined, Felicity starts researching how to apply to become a carer.

After an appeal for Mariah’s mother to come forward is released, A shady-looking young man arrives at the Surf Club. It turns out he’s an investigative journalist for the Coastal News, sniffing around for details surrounding baby Maia’s case.

The journalist is shooed out by Alf but he later approaches Dana. He sweet-talks her, offering to buy her a coffee for her hard work as a nurse in this whole situation, and lures her into revealing confidential details – Maia’s name, and the fact that Tane was the one who found her.

Also happening this week on Home and Away, Cash has bagged a personal security job, a massive step up from his current job. He later arrives at the interview location – a fancy boat docked at the pier.

Suspicious and more than a little confused, Cash realises the job is to look after a mega superstar actress Stevie Marlow. She tells Cash someone’s been stalking and threatening her, and she needs someone she can trust to keep her safe.

However, the pair butt heads when Cash tells her to cancel all appearances and stay off social media. He later gives up and walks away from the job.

Cash, disappointed with the outcome of his “interview” with Stevie, is shocked when Stevie turns up in the flesh. After some persuasion, he takes the job to look after her – but Stevie refuses to let the stalker “win” and won’t do anything that interferes with her career.

Remi is still healing from his injuries, but he limps out the door to an amazing surprise – his bike, fully repaired, and basically restored to brand new! He’s in no condition to get back on it just yet, but he’s overjoyed, and Kirby is stoked to see her bandmate so happy again.

Bree, however, throws a spanner in the works as she sees Remi climb back on the very machine that almost cost him his life. She reminds him that there’s a reason why medics call motorcyclists “organ donors” – or worse, “roadkill”. Remi pushes back but this causes her to give him an ultimatum: if Remi gets back on that bike, they’re through.

Remi is furious with Bree for giving him an ultimatum, and the two get stuck into a heated argument. Torn between choosing between what is essentially the two things he loves most in the world, Remi complains to Eden about his predicament. She offers him a shift in perspective.

He finds Bree outside and apologises. He loves his bike, but ultimately, he loves Bree more. He tells her that he’s hanging up his jacket, and that he’s never getting on his bike again. Bree is washed with relief, and the two of them make up.n


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