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‘Home and Away’ spoilers: Will Mia Anderson tell Chloe the truth about Matthew?


On Home and Away, Mia Anderson (Anna Samson) is concerned about the issue involving her daughter Chloe (Sam Barrett) and long-lost father Matthew Montgomery (James Sweeny)

Mia had told her partner, Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams), that she became pregnant with Chloe as a result of Matthew’s drunken sexual assault years ago.

It’s why Mia kept her father a secret from Chloe until he located them down in Summer Bay.

Mia, on the other hand, is thrown for a loop when Chloe informs her that she is applying to business school and considering moving to the city to live with Matthew!

Mia is terrified about the prospect of Chloe falling into Matthew’s hands.

Mia is desperate to persuade Chloe to reconsider her decision to relocate.

Matthew is not the good guy that Chloe believes he is.

But she can’t seem to bring herself to tell Chloe the HORRIBLE truth about Matthew.

As a result, Mia chooses to address Matthew instead.

She threatens him to back off and leave them alone, or she’ll tell Chloe the truth about what occurred that fateful night!

Will Matthew succumb to Mia’s ultimatum?

The morning after the night before, Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) gets a devilish hangover.

Tane Parata (Ethan Browne), Felicity’s lover, can sense she’s in a vulnerable position… and it’s not just due of her inebriated behavior the day before.

Felicity eventually breaks down and expresses her need for her father.

Felicity is in a downward spiral as the anniversary of her father’s death approaches.

Tane and Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost), a family friend, are both determined to help Felicity in her time of need.

But first, Felicity appears to have some explaining to do following her wild outburst at Jasmine the night before!


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