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Home and Away spoilers: Will Tane risk being arrested over baby Maia?

Tane clashes with police over little Maia in tense episodes of Home And Away this week. Will he chance everything for what he thinks is right?

As viewers well know, Tane (Ethan Browne) always wanted to be a dad, so when baby Maia came into his life in the Bay unexpectedly, it seemed as if the universe had answered his prayers.

But will the authorities let him keep the little girl he found abandoned in a bag on the beach? And if they try to take her away, how far is Tane willing to go to keep Maia in his care rather than the government system?

“He believes he’s the only one who truly cares for her, and is worried she won’t be put into a loving home,” Ethan, 32, tells TV WEEK.

“He’s running on instinct, which is to protect Maia and provide a loving and stable home.”

Events come to a head when Maia’s health takes a turn – the infant is running a high temperature.

Although nurse Dana (Ally Harris) tells him it’s nothing to worry about, Tane rushes to the hospital, only to be confronted by doctors and the police. They tell him firmly that he has to stay away – and that if he doesn’t, they’ll take out an AVO to ensure he complies.

In his head, Tane knows he has to heed what they’re saying, but his heart is telling him otherwise. Which will he listen to?

Missed what happened last time in Home and Away with Tane and baby Maia? Continue scrolling to read.

Since finding a baby in a bag on the beach, Tane hasn’t left her side. He took his commitment one step further by applying to be an emergency foster carer.

Tane’s chances of becoming Maia’s caregiver are drastically reduced this week when he becomes the target of some salacious gossip in Home and Away this week. Who’s spreading it?

At the hospital, where Tane (Ethan Browne) has been since finding the baby in a bag on the beach, Harper (Jessica Redmayne) hands him a copy of the local newspaper and apologises.
Confused, Tane opens it to find a photo of him alongside a scathing article that questions his “obsessive” relationship with baby Maia. Turns out, Harper’s sister Dana (Ally Harris) was tricked into answering a journalist’s questions and Tane’s character is now under attack.

“Tane has been visiting the baby regularly at the hospital, which the staff begin to notice, but he feels protective of her,” Ethan explains of his character’s bond with Maia.

Later, the same journalist arrives at the hospital seeking more answers and Tane’s temper gets the better of him. He lashes out at the journalist, who leaves – but not without lodging a formal complaint first.


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