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Home and Away spoilers: Will Ziggy keep her baby after shock pregnancy twist?

When she tells Dean (Patrick O’Connor), he responds that he will support her no matter what she decides. But she doesn’t know what to do.

For the time being, the pair keeps their news a secret, but Mackenzie (Emily Weir) soon notices something strange about them. Ziggy wants to maintain her good looks and has planned a surf, but Dean is concerned for her safety.

When Mackenzie notices Dean acting in a certain way, she deduces that Dean must have done something to aggravate Ziggy. To learn more, she offers Ziggy a drink, but Ziggy declines. Mackenzie quickly deduces the reason: she is expecting.

Ziggy confides in Mackenzie that she is unsure about how she would balance having a child with her job at the garage and her burgeoning professional surfing career.

Later, Mackenzie calls Dean and implores him to express his desires to her.

Dean tells Ziggy politely that he can’t think of anything finer than having a child with her when the two of them are sitting down.

Unfortunately, Ziggy misinterprets this and starts to feel greater pressure. Will she raise Dean’s child and keep the child?


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