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Home and Away star and musician Matt Evans hopes to spreading some good vibes when he heads home for Telethon

Matt Evans, a native of Western Australia, grew up watching Telethon on television.

The star of Home and Away is scheduled to arrive in Perth this morning to lend a hand at the 55th West Australian charity event for sick children. He must return to the east coast tomorrow afternoon because of Monday morning filming responsibilities for the well-known television programme.

Evans is thrilled to be coming back to his home State for the event, despite the fact that it will be “quite chaotic.”

Being from Perth, it obviously means a lot to me, and I’ve always known so much about Telethon, the 26-year-old exclaims, “I’m so happy I get to come.”

When you’re from Perth and growing up, it’s funny. I was unaware that it was unique to Perth. Due to Telethon’s popularity in Perth, I initially believed it to be an Australian phenomenon.

Being able to go there and participate in it after having witnessed so much of it as a child is very weird.

And to be able to contribute to the effort of generating funds and awareness and simply doing our part, I’m extremely appreciative.

Along with other cast members Lynne McGranger, Ada Nicodemou, Jacqui Purvis, Kirsty Marillier, Juliet Godwin, and Luke Van Os, Evans will be seen at Telethon. Evans got into acting by accident. His first interest was music, therefore he pursued a four-year bachelor’s degree in contemporary music in voice at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts after graduating from high school.

He auditioned for the reality TV series The Voice while singing in a band called Atlas Chasers and working as a forklift driver, and under the guidance of Australian music icon Delta Goodrem, he placed in the top 20 in the 2019 singing competition.

An LA-based agency who is originally from Perth approached him after seeing him on The Voice to see if he’d be interested in trying acting.

So, he explains, “I just gave it a shot on a whim, made some tapes with her, went to numerous of auditions, and eventually got this (Home and Away) audition, which was approximately six months into that relationship with her.

“I didn’t take acting training, classes, or anything like. Therefore, it was really just a case of “just give it a try.”

Evans was cast in the long-running drama’s Theo Poulos character. Theo is the nephew of Leah, a veteran of the programme, and the son of Dimitri Poulos. He has fled his house and is now at Summer Bay.

While he first annoys some residents, his rebellious, furious demeanour soon turns out to be a disguise for a young man who is misunderstood and is looking for friends and a secure family life. Theo is welcomed into Leah’s house.

Evans’ musical abilities have been incorporated into a plot that has him performing with friends in a band.

“I adore my job. Everyone at our job is very friendly and wonderful to work with, which makes it such a terrific job. In light of the fact that you learn everything in such a secure and welcoming setting, it’s a fantastic introduction to acting. I therefore had great luck there. It truly appeals to me. It’s just something more I established as a challenge for myself, which is always a good idea.

He plans to pursue both music and acting in the future.

“I’m going to continue to audition . . . when eventually down the track my time comes that I have to move on from the show,” he says.

“I’m also at the moment working on my music. So I’ve just finished my debut single, which I want to release in January next year, and I’m going to shoot a music video for that as well.

“And I’ve already started recording some other tracks, too. So I’m really trying to get the wheels turning on a music career as well.”

Evans will be kept busy for the 24-odd hours he’s in Perth.

He will take part in many of the entertaining activities that the Telethon is known for, including serving on the broadcast panel, visiting children at Perth Children’s Hospital, taking donations in the phone room, and answering calls.

Evans also wishes to meet Ari, Emily, and Leo, the 2017 Little Telethon Stars.

At the live show on Sunday afternoon, he will perform a cover song as his farewell Telethon contribution.

I’ll only be using a guitar, myself, and a small stomp box pedal, which is essentially a foundation drum pedal for my foot.


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