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Home and Away star Emily Symons, 52, looks positively ageless as she makes a show-stopping arrival at the Logie Awards in a slinky white frock

She has intermittently portrayed Marilyn Chambers on Home and Away for 30 years.

And when Emily Symons, 52, showed up for the TV Week Logie Awards on the Gold Coast on Sunday night, she might have been mistaken for someone a decade younger.

The Australian actress appeared on the red carpet wearing a slinky white Silvana Tedesco dress, emphasizing her youthful skin and slender figure.

With a thigh split and a waist-cinching dress, Emily looked stunning.

She added some sparkle in the form of a statement ring and drop earrings, heightening her appearance with a pair of silver stiletto heels.

The single mother curled her golden hair into waves and used glitzy makeup to highlight her flawless skin.

The red carpet look was completed with kohl-lined eyelids, copious amounts of mascara, bronzer on her sculpted cheekbones, and a swipe of glossy nude lipstick.

Emily has been honest about her fitness and health journey, but she has never discussed her opinions on cosmetic modifications.

She revealed to Who magazine in 2019 that she added weight training to her workout routine, cut off sugar and alcohol, and got into the greatest shape of her life.

Additionally, Emily prioritizes getting enough sleep and water each day.

“I believe I went 25 years without getting a good night’s sleep, and now I treasure it.” She told the outlet, “I really changed a lot of the things I do, and they’re all the incredibly simple things they advise you to do anyhow.

“Drink lots of water and focus on improving your diet.” It pays off if you look after your physique. I lift weights because I believe that having a strong body is crucial for ladies of my age.

Before, Emily admitted to Who magazine that she had “done everything,” including using a Thighmaster, personal trainers, and paying a fortune for gym memberships.

The soap star previously admitted to Who magazine that she has “done everything,” including using personal trainers and the Thighmaster, as well as spending a fortune on gym memberships.


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