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Home and Away star Emily Weir addresses Mac and Logan’s future after Neve drama

Emily Weir, who plays Mackenzie Booth on Home and Away, has indicated that she still believes in Mackenzie Booth and Logan Bennett’s romance despite their present difficulties.

The couple’s romance has been strained in recent episodes on Channel 5 due to the entrance of Logan’s ex-girlfriend Neve Spicer.

Logan is motivated to help Neve, who is suffering from PTSD as a result of a tragic experience in the army.

Mac is having a hard time dealing with this scenario since she believes Logan is putting another woman ahead of her.

However, speaking exclusively to Digital Spy about the drama, Emily confirmed: “I still back Logan and Mac. I think in the world of Summer Bay, with who Mac is and who Dr Logan is, they are actually very well matched.

“Logan is a very cool and calming presence and Mac is a million miles a minute!

“They really balance each other out, but does their relationship come under threat and does it get messy? As always in Summer Bay!”

Discussing Neve’s troubles, Emily continued: “I think Neve’s PTSD actually allows Mac to have a lot more empathy for the situation at hand. There’s an element of real empathy for what she’s going through.

“It does make the partnership more difficult, but Mac is just human. It reaches a point where she realizes she may have overstepped her bounds, and it becomes uncomfortable when Logan spends all of his time with Neve rather than Mac.”

Emily also expressed her delight at learning more about Logan’s past for the first time since his arrival in Summer Bay last year.

She stated, ” “Logan is quite closed up about it due to his past. Mac understands, but you’re curious about the history of the person you’re sleeping next to at night.

“I think it was a really good opportunity for Mac to understand fully what Logan has been through. That’s an intimate thing to know about someone and Mac was pretty keen to learn more about him.”

In the upcoming UK episodes, Mac’s brother Dean Thompson punches Logan, enraged at the way his sister is treated.

This prompts Logan to attempt to resolve the situation with Mac, but he remains steadfast in his desire to assist Neve as well.

Logan will be leaving Home and Away this year, with actor Harley Bonner filming his final scenes in late 2021, according to the show’s producers.

Because the show is shot so far in advance, the character will be seen for a long time.


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