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Home and Away star Mark Furze and wife Laural welcome their first child together

Mark Furze and his wife Laural have welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Soma, into their family.

On Thursday, Mark announced the announcement on Instagram, where he shared numerous adorable photos of the couple staring adoringly at the child.

‘There is no greater rite of passage for a human being than labor and delivery,’ he wrote.

‘The seriousness of how unfathomably difficult and profound it is wields a force I had no idea existed.’ It’s a true Caterpillar-Butterfly encounter.’
He then proceeded to introduce a sweet little girl.

‘I share our daughter, Soma, with you, full of love and appreciation. ‘I’ve been blessed with another beautiful lady in my life, as well as a new ability to find beauty in this world that I hadn’t yet discovered,’ he added.

Following the delivery, he praised his wife Laural.

‘Thank you, Lollie, for choosing me to accompany you on this adventure. I’m awestruck by you, and I swear to be the best husband and father I can be,’ he said.

Celebrity friends such as Jodi Gordon and Paulini Curuenavuli expressed their delight at the news.

It comes after the couple publicly shared their grief after Laural’s first pregnancy ended after a miscarriage in 2020.

Laural posted on Instagram at the time, “We all go through hard and dark times, and for Mark and I this week has been an extraordinarily sad and terrible week.”

‘This week, Mark and I were going to make a major news… we’re carrying a kid!’ We’ve been thinking about what our little human will be like and getting ready for this new chapter since I’m 10 weeks pregnant,’ she added.

‘However, we learned this week at my ultrasound that the baby isn’t viable and that I’ve had a missed miscarriage, which means my body still thinks I’m pregnant but the fetus hasn’t matured.’

She also stated that she wanted to share about her miscarriage because ‘pregnancy loss isn’t discussed frequently.’

‘It’s actually rather frequent, affecting one out of every four pregnancies.’ ‘I guess we were the unlucky one out of four this time,’ she explained.

‘I’m at ease knowing that it’s most likely because the embryo wasn’t completely healthy and couldn’t coexist with life.’ However, trying to digest everything has been quite tough during the last few days. I’ve been crying a lot and eating ice cream every day for the past week.’

‘I wanted to post this because it doesn’t feel right to keep pretending that this major life event never happened to us.’ She wrote, ‘I want to honor it and be honest about it.’

She also stated that she is “grateful to have a man like Mark by my side,” and that they will “try again one day in the future,” but for the time being, they will “take things one day at a time and find our way back to a new normal.”

‘Been riding a difficult wave recently,’ Mark commented on his Instagram page after sharing Laural’s image. Laural, my brave wife, expresses it so well below. I adore you, Lollie, and I’m incredibly proud of you.’

In September of 2015, the pair married.

In 2007, Laural was crowned Miss Universe New Zealand.


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