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Home And Away star Melissa George, 47, makes exciting gender reveal at baby shower

Melissa is already a devoted mother to two sons, Raphael, aged nine, and Solal, aged seven

At 47, Australian actress Melissa George has delighted her fans with the heartwarming news of her expanding family. 

The celebrated actress took to Instagram to unveil a series of intimate snapshots from her baby shower, not only confirming the swirling rumors of her pregnancy but also joyously announcing that a baby boy is on the way. 

This revelation follows a wave of speculation that began in January 2024, after Melissa posted images showcasing a prominent baby bump, sparking excitement and conjecture among her followers.

On March 4, 2024, Melissa chose to share her joy more publicly by posting photos and videos from her baby shower on her Instagram story. 

This joyous occasion gave an insight into the plans and anticipation for her new son’s arrival. Melissa, who gained notoriety for her portrayal of Angel Parrish in the Australian serial opera Home and Away, went on to have a successful career in Hollywood, landing prominent parts in films such as Derailed, Dark City, Friends, Alias, and The Limey.

With her two sons, seven-year-old Solal and nine-year-old Raphael, whom she shares with her ex-partner Jean-David Blanc, Melissa is already a loving mother.

Melissa’s devotion to her kids endures despite the breakup with Jean-David, as evidenced by her frequently emotional social media posts.

Melissa gave glimpses of her expanding baby bulge to her fans prior to making an official pregnancy announcement.

She was shown wearing a loose sweater in one of these posts, and Solal was seen giving her a warm hug from behind. In a different picture, she was wearing a revealing white dress and was clearly pregnant as she looked out the window, giving away the happy news that was about to be revealed.

Melissa’s deep love for parenthood is evident on her Instagram page. She captioned a heartfelt photo she posted in May 2023 of her oldest son, taken during her pregnancy with Solal, with the words, “Being a mother is everything.” #MothersDay blessings.”

She refers to Raphael and Solal as “the loves of my life” in two heartfelt entries from 2020, demonstrating her enthusiasm for her sons, which is evident in every post.

A May 2019 photograph of Melissa holding hands with her sons, walking through the streets, was captioned with the poignant words, “Becoming your mother is the greatest thing I will ever do. I love you, my little men.”


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