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Home and Away star Rob Kipa Williams bids an emotional goodbye to fans,

After his character’s final exit on Home and Away on Monday night, outspoken actor Rob Kipa Williams said an emotional farewell.

‘Thank you to the fans, for all the love and crazy amounts of messages and support,’ he wrote on Instagram.

Ari chose to die on his own terms, surrounded by family and friends, rather than face harsh treatments.

Williams, 31, complimented Home and Away in his greeting to fans, cast, and crew, stating, ‘This famous Ozzie TV show took risks.’

‘I’m honored to have co-created Maori cultural storylines, and will forever be proud of those scenes that made it to the screen.’

Williams shared a video on Instagram earlier this week, which was a walk-through tour of the Home and Away set, with the caption: ‘One more walk down memory lane…’

Tomorrow is going to smack you in the face.’

After making his debut in the season finale in 2019, the New Zealand actor made news last year when he complained about the writing for his character, an ex-con trying to go straight, stating he was “less rough.”

‘Remember when Ari used to dwell on the grumpy side of life?’ Williams commented beside a photo of Ari looking sad at the beach.

‘I miss that Ari. Seriously,’ one fan commented, to which the actor replied: ‘Me too.’

Saying goodbye on Monday night, Williams seems to have made peace with past differences, praising the show as ‘pure teamwork’ and thanking his character: ‘Ariki Wiremu Parata, you taught me a lot.

‘I’m gonna miss you.

‘Thank you to all the cast, crew, camera, directors, production, writing, makeup, art department and everyone else in between, that make the wheels spin.’


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