Home and Away – who is newcomer Xander Delaney?

    On UK television, Home and Away features a new regular character.

    Xander Delaney made his first appearance on Wednesday’s 5STAR first look episode (May 4), when he surprised Irene Roberts by showing up at her house unexpectedly.

    Xander introduced himself as Jasmine Delaney’s brother and said he was in town to see her. Jasmine had never mentioned having siblings before, so Irene was noticeably shaken.

    Here’s everything you need to know about the new arrival.

    Who is Xander Delaney?

    Xander isn’t another Summer Bay con artist; his claims that he is Jasmine’s brother are legitimate.

    Xander is Jasmine’s younger half-sibling who has recently moved to town following the death of his father, Alexander. Jasmine’s lover Cash Newman had informed her that her estranged father had passed away.

    Jasmine’s father neglected to pick her up from school one day when she was six years old, according to her backstory. He was never seen by her again.

    Because her mother had perished in a car accident a year before, Jasmine was raised by foster parents.

    Xander has known nothing about Jasmine because their father never addressed her after starting a new family. Jasmine was only recently discovered by Xander at his father’s recent will reading.

    In the coming days, UK fans will see Xander and his other half-sister Rose, played by Kirsty Marillier, arrive in town. Xander and Rose are both biological children of the same mother.

    Xander and Rose have arrived to talk about the will, and they want Jasmine to honor their father’s intentions by accepting her portion of the estate.

    Because Jasmine is hesitant to receive money from a man who doesn’t want anything to do with her, the two wind up staying longer than expected. This creates a conflict over whether or not Jasmine should accept the money.

    Jasmine, who has always assumed she is an only child, is concerned that Xander and Rose are con artists, but Cash conducts background checks and finds that their narrative is credible.

    Home and Away spoilers – what’s next for Xander?

    Despite the early frostiness, Xander forms a bond with Jasmine in his first few weeks on film, which had already been broadcast at an Australian pace.

    Xander and Jasmine got along well, despite the fact that Jasmine’s father formed another family after abandoning her. Xander is a paramedic, and they both have medical backgrounds.

    Rose, on the other hand, is eager to get out of Summer Bay once they’ve talked to Jasmine about the will.

    Cash ends up mediating between the siblings, asking Rose not to abandon Jasmine in the same way her father did.

    Cash also tries to persuade Jasmine not to abandon her brother and sister, claiming that this could be her last chance to start a family.

    With Sam Frost’s departure from the role at the conclusion of last year, viewers will finally see how the Summer Bay newcomers proceed without Jasmine.

    Sam stopped filming on Home and Away in December, but he has continued to appear on TV because the serial usually shoots sequences six months ahead of time.

    Who plays Home and Away’s Xander?

    Luke Van Os, who already has an off-screen link to Home and Away, plays Xander.

    Luke is the Hemsworth brothers’ younger cousin, so he had the ideal person to ask for help while he was auditioning for his Summer Bay part.

    Before his Hollywood stardom, Chris Hemsworth portrayed Kim Hyde on Home and Away.

    “I actually zoomed with Chris the night before and we ran [the scene] and kind of just got into a good mood,” Luke told Australia’s The Daily Telegraph.

    “His advice was nice, put in the work and the work doesn’t end now, if anything this is when you need to work hard.”


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