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Sunrise’s Nat and Shirvo give viewers a sneak peek at their upcoming role on beloved series Home and Away

The beloved presenters will swap Brekky Central for Summer Bay.

Sunrise stars Nat Barr and Matt Shirvington will appear on Home and Away this week.

The beloved presenters will swap Brekky Central for Summer Bay in a special storyline involving a special Sunrise “live” cross on Wednesday night.

The pair will interview Hollywood actress Stevie Marlow, played by Catherine Van-Davies.

Before the appearance, Shirvo gave Sunrise viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the much-anticipated cameo.

“I have remembered my lines, and I am ready to take on Home and Away — strewth — It’s Sunrise at Summer Bay,” Shirvo said, clearly excited at making his acting debut.

movie magic and a media circus to the Bay.

“That’s where Nat and I come in. We’re hosting a live Sunrise cross from the set on the first day of production.”

Footage showed Shirvo joking around with actors Catherine Van-Davies and Ray Meagher, who plays long-standing Alf Stewart on the show.

Van-Davies joked about the sand in her heels, pouring it out of her stiletto.

“I will show you what I’m working with here — I usually have to empty out all the sand from my heels,” Van-Davies said.

Shirvo also spoke to Meagher who has spent 26 years as a star on the show.

“Ray, I have to thank you. I really enjoyed working with you. I hope it went alright,” Shirvo said.

“Mate, it was fantastic — the pleasure is all mine,” replied Meagher.

“The only thing I’d like to say is on Home and Away, when you’ve just completed your first go at it, we’ve got this tradition where people have got to run into the water fully clothed straight afterwards.”

After filming, Nat and Shirvo both received special messages from the cast and crew of the show.

“Hi, Nat and Shirvo, I hear that you’re joining us in Summer Bay. Can’t wait to see you,” Emily Weir, who plays Mackenzie Booth, said.

“What’s that? Nat and Shirvo are coming to the Bay? Tell them to strap in, look forward to seeing them when they get here,” Adam Rowland, who plays the role of Remi Carter, added.


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