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Home and Away spoiler: Shock pregnancy set to rock Summer Bay

It looks like Home and Away is about to get a new arrival. Photos taken on Tuesday this week show Harper Matheson (Jessica Redmayne) walking around Summer Bay with a fake baby bump. It’s unclear who the father is, but fans are convinced it’s Tane Parata (Ethan Browne).

A fan shared the snap on a Facebook fan group, saying the crew “were filming” when the photo was taken. Tane appears to be rubbing Harper’s belly while looking concerned.

“It’s Harper, don’t know who the dad is [though],” she said.

The fan also shared a video of the scene filmed by her daughter, and it appears that Harper is feeling the baby kick for the first time. After calling Tane over to feel it, he touches her belly before bending down to check out the bump. The scene finished with the pair smiling and Harper doing a little jump of joy.

“I was so lucky to go [to Palm Beach] two years ago and met lots of crew and cast, [it] was amazing. My daughter is out there again now, wish I was with her,” the fan wrote in the comments.

Since the show films approximately five to six months in advance, this storyline won’t hit Aussie screens until October or November later this year.

Omg that’s an epic spoiler’

Viewers went wild over the leaked snap, with many wondering if Tane and Harper become a couple.

“Omg she’s pregnant with Tane’s baby. That’s probably why Flick left,” one person guessed.

“I wonder if she is just carrying the baby for him like a surrogate. I hope they are together though,” another added.

“Maybe she’s pregnant [with] Tane’s baby? One night stand maybe?” a third theorised.

“I hope it’s Tane’s baby. I think he’ll be a great dad,” another remarked.

Could this spoiler mean Tane is leaving Home and Away?

While most people were excited at the prospect of a baby in Summer Bay, some are convinced this means Tane isn’t going to stick around for much longer.

Baby Grace’s arrival resulted in Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) and Christian Green’s (Ditch Davey) exit and baby Izzy left the bay with Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) and Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor).

“Cool but it means they’ll sadly be written out of the show. Tane will be difficult to replace like Brax, Dean etc,” a fan wrote.

“Great news. Whoever falls pregnant [and] has a baby, ends up leaving the show,” another agreed.

“Guess she will be leaving soon. The curse of the baby. Have a baby [on the] show and leave not long after,” a third remarked.


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