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Home and Away’s Anna Samson’s romance with co-star Lee Jones and online abuse away from Mia Anderson’s role

After her lover, Ari Parata was sentenced to prison and her daughter inadvertently killed her biological father Matthew, the soap star has had a difficult time in Summer Bay.

Anna Samson and her daughter arrived in Summer Bay and quickly got themselves into trouble.

After being separated from her spouse, who ended up in prison, the gym manager has had a difficult time on the show.

Anna, on the other hand, enjoys unwinding in her luxurious home and reading books when she’s not watching the serial.

How old is Anna and where is she from?

Anna is 32 years old, having been born on November 23, 1989. She was born in the United Kingdom but spent her early years in West Africa, in Nigeria.

Her family relocated again during her early adolescence, this time to Sydney, Australia.

She began acting a few years later and studied at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne.

Who does Anna play on Home and Away?

Mia Anderson, played by Anna, is a single mother with a kid named Chloe. In 2021, she made her first appearance on the show, reuniting with her former love Ari Parata.

Ari had helped Mia raise Chloe and considered her his own daughter, but when he was arrested for armed robbery, the family was torn apart once more.

Sam Barrett, who plays Mia’s daughter, is a close friend of Mia’s. She revealed on social media that she wears a locket that her co-star gave her.

How did Anna find joining Home and Away?

The actress was ecstatic to join the show, but as the casting announcement was released, she began receiving abusive remarks.

She took to Instagram to express her dissatisfaction with the situation and to call out the people who had sent her abusive insults.

People thought they had the right to ridicule and harass women because of their appearance, according to the soap star, who called it a “culture of cowardice.”

Is Anna in a relationship?

Anna was previously reported to be dating her former co-star and fellow Australian actor Lee Jones.

The couple shared adorable photos of themselves on social media and on their trip to Los Angeles, where they enjoyed the beautiful beaches and sunshine.

Anna played Mick Jeffries and Lee played Joe Jeffries in the 2017 miniseries Wake in Fright, in which they worked together.

They reconnected again for a 2021 episode of Home and Away, where Lee stepped in to play Ambulance Officer Luke.

He had previously appeared on the soap in the role of Ned Re in a 2009 episode.

However, since April 2021, the couple hasn’t posted about each other, thus it’s unclear what their current relationship situation is.


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