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Home and Away’s Cash Newman to face backlash in shooting story

Remi puts the blame on Cash as Summer Bay faces danger.

Home and Away‘s Cash Newman will face a big backlash in upcoming scenes, as the soap’s dramatic shooting story plays out.

In scenes airing this week, Summer Bay is plunged into lockdown as a gunman launches an attack on the beach, with one resident set to tragically lose their life in the chaos.

TV Week has confirmed further details of the dramatic plot, with Cash and film star Stevie Marlow set to be at the centre of the story.

After recently saving Stevie’s life when her obsessed stalker Sidney tried to kill her, bodyguard Cash is hoping that the situation has now settled down. But he’s shocked to find out through his security bosses that Sidney is no longer being held in custody.

With Stevie filming new project All Our Tomorrows on the beach, Cash is worried about how exposed she might be to another attack by her stalker. He rushes off to find Stevie – but she is already in danger.

Sidney has already tracked down his target and is hiding in a sand dune, armed with a gun. He soon zeroes in on Stevie, not caring about the other actors, crew and spectators who could all end up being hurt, too.

With Stevie’s life in mortal danger once again, her new love interest Remi Carter is horrified by the incident that starts to unfold on the beach, and it seems that Cash will soon be facing his wrath.

“Remi blames Cash,” actor Adam Rowland, who plays Remi, told TV Week. “It was his job to protect Stevie. His only thoughts are if Stevie is OK.”

Stevie isn’t the only character in danger, as Tane Parata will also end up in harm’s way. While speaking to his estranged wife, Felicity Newman, on the phone, Tane encounters Sidney and ends up in a violent scuffle with him.

Hearing the fight play out over the phone, horrified Felicity rushes to the beach to find Tane, and ends up in the danger zone herself. With Tane and Felicity both in peril, will they make it out of the situation alive?

It has been confirmed that, by the time the incident is over, one Summer Bay resident will have lost their life, with Theo Poulos actor Matt Evans having revealed that “a stranger will come into the Bay and someone will die”.

A trailer for this week’s episodes has suggested that other characters who could be in terrible danger include Mackenzie Booth, Dana Matheson, Leah Patterson and Alf Stewart – with Alf seen calling for help and urging passers-by to run and hide.


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