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Home and Away’s Cash sparks brutal arrest drama in 21 spoiler pictures

Your full collection of photos showing what’s ahead on UK screens in the week commencing Monday, October 24.

Monday, October 24: Xander arrives at the scene

An ambulance has been called.

Monday, October 24: Xander tries to help

Everyone is concerned for Remi.

Monday, October 24: John also stays by Remi’s side

The pair haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but John’s neighbourly instincts kick in.

Monday, October 24: Xander continues to examine Remi

Remi appears to be concussed.

Monday, October 24: Cash wants answers

He tries to find out what has happened to Remi and who was responsible.

Monday, October 24: Cash isn’t his usual self

This is his first shift back on duty since the shooting incident, and his usually-kind demeanour appears to have disappeared

Monday, October 24: Xander needs Cash to back off

Cash’s questioning seems inappropriate.

Monday, October 24: Cash chases after the culprit

He and Rose follow a lead.

Monday, October 24: Cash takes control of the situation

He manages to apprehend Remi’s attacker.

Monday, October 24: Cash crosses a line

He takes a brutal approach to the arrest.

Monday, October 24: Rose watches on with concern

Cash appears to be using excessive force.

Monday, October 24: Cash may have changed forever after the shooting

The incident continues to affect his behaviour.

Monday, October 24: Rose makes a decision

Monday, October 24: Cash is forced to step aside

Monday, October 24: Cash feels sidelined

But Rose believes she’s doing the right thing.

Monday, October 24: The thief complains of police brutality

It’s clear that there could be further consequences for Cash, with Rose disapproving of his behaviour and a potential formal complaint on the cards.


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