Home and Away’s Chloe Anderson makes a difficult sacrifice as her scheming continues



    On UK screens next week, Chloe Anderson of Home and Away gives up her opportunity at happiness with Theo Poulos.

    Chloe decides to let Theo go so she can concentrate on manipulating her friend Bella Nixon.



    Chloe has tried to spend as much time with Bella as possible since the untimely death of her stepfather, Ari Parata.

    In upcoming Channel 5 episodes, Chloe seeks assistance from Theo, and the two sleep together.

    Chloe, on the other hand, takes advantage of the circumstance to gain Bella’s sympathy by claiming that sleeping with Theo was a terrible mistake and asking for guidance.

    Dean Thompson notices Chloe being excessively possessive of Bella the next week.

    Dean attempts to intercede, warning Chloe that her deception will eventually turn Bella against her.

    After their night together, Chloe had a friendly run-in with Theo later that day.



    Theo decides to invite Chloe out for dinner because they have evident chemistry.

    Chloe initially agrees, but when she sees Bella, she changes her mind, realizing that she can’t be seen with Theo looking joyful.

    Theo is perplexed as Chloe rejects the idea of spending time with him. Bella also advises Theo to stay away from Chloe since she regrets sleeping with him.

    Chloe finds herself in a tight spot when she realizes that having Bella around will mean jeopardizing her romantic relationship with Theo.



    Theo’s love life turmoil comes at a tough moment for him, as he is already dealing with his abusive father Dimitri’s presence in the Bay.

    When Theo bonded with Chloe, he believed things were looking up, but could her rejection throw him over the edge?


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