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Home and Away’s Eden Fowler clashes with her brother Levi

Next week, Eden Fowler from Home and Away will have a chilly reunion with her brother Levi on UK television.

When Eden finds out that her estranged sibling has begun working in the Northern Districts Hospital, she is taken aback.

As the hospital’s cardiothoracic surgeon, Levi is called in to supervise Mackenzie Booth’s care after her heart attack at Salt.

Remi Carter recognizes Levi right away when he sees him on his visit to his lover Bree Cameron in the hospital..

After informing Eden, his closest friend, that her brother has been designated as Mackenzie’s cardiac expert, Remi quickly heads to Salt.

The history of the Fowler siblings is investigated; it is discovered that they have not spoken in years and that Eden is still upset about what happened.

Levi’s abandonment of the rest of his family during a family dispute and his subsequent support of their father are the root of their resentment.

Eden tells her lover Cash what’s going on. Caring Cash, who has a difficult past with Felicity, tells Eden that there might be advantages to preserving her relationship with her sibling.

Later, Eden reluctantly visits Levi at the hospital and they come face-to-face for the first time in years. They head off for a stroll around the Bay and Eden wastes no time before speaking her mind over the past rows.

As tensions run high, Eden and Levi struggle to see much potential for a reconciliation. Eden ends up storming off from her brother, insisting that coming to see him was a mistake.

Eden tells Cash that she’ll be remaining estranged from her brother, but Cash remains curious and pays his own visit to Levi at the hospital.

Before long, Eden is livid to spot Cash and Levi having a beer together at Salt. Eden angrily heads off to a gig with Remi, leaving Cash in no doubt that he has overstepped the mark with his behaviour.

Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday, February 12 and Tuesday, February 13 on Channel 5.


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